The Sun Shines all Year Round in a Yellow Kitchen


Bring sunshine into your life every day of the year with a cheerful yellow kitchen.  Even on the greyest of days your yellow kitchen will look bright and welcoming. Yellow is the color of spring and summer, it is an energizing color and great for creating a happy atmosphere.  Yellow kitchen designs are ever popular, frequently associated with traditional style kitchen designs.  More acid yellows are also perfect for making a bright color statement in a more contemporary kitchen design.

Bright color statement – yellow kitchen


Yellow can range anywhere from a subtle creams, through to gentle primrose tones to a much bolder citrus hue. Pale yellow is an excellent color choice for a small or a dark kitchen.  It will enhance the sense of space and cheer up a gloomy interior.  Yellow can be introduced to your kitchen in numerous different ways as this inspiring selection of yellow kitchen designs shows.

Modern yellow kitchen design in sunny color


If subtle doesn’t describe your design preferences select a powerful greenish yellow kitchen and for the most extreme contrast, combine this with features in a bold purple.  Yellow and purple form a complementary pair on the color wheel and together offer the most vibrant visual relationship possible in a modern yellow kitchen design.  Hold on to your hat if you follow this design route as the impact will be startling.

 Cozy yellow kitchen design


A yellow kitchen in a country house or cottage looks fabulous, the fresh light of a rural environment will filter in through the windows of your kitchen, bathing the room with refreshingly uplifting natural illumination.  Yellow paint looks great on paneled walls and also on cabinets of any style.  If you want to inject fresh life into your kitchen, but don’t want to replace your cupboards, give them a face lift with a coat of yellow paint.  White looks good within a yellow kitchen for the lightest airiest color combination. Alternatively Black counter tops, black tiles and other accessories will look sophisticated and super chic next to yellow.

Yellow is believed to be the most uplifting color in the spectrum, so for a happy kitchen choose the sunshine color.

By Jaz

Country style kitchen with yellow cabinets


Stylish kitchen design


Great lighting  – modern kitchen


Minimalist kitchen design – yellow cabinets


Bright yellow kitchen design


 Yellow kitchen with steel cabinets


Modern yellow kitchen sink


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