Installing a granite backsplash – a good or a bad idea?

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Granite is so popular for kitchen countertops and if you ask yourself – is it a good idea to install a granite backsplash – you will not be the first one. Granite is the most popular material which works well for both traditional and modern designs. In addition, granite is a natural stone, completely original and no two slabs have the same pattern. Smooth, shiny or matte finishes – it depends on your choice. Many people really love the appearance of granite, so if you are one of them, do not hesitate and get a granite backsplash for your kitchen. It it will look great and it will be much easier than trying to pick the right type of tiles.

 Pros of granite backsplash

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Hardly anything can beat the appearance of granite and Santa Cecilia granite is one of the most popular natural stones. A granite backsplash gives you incredible design options as it can be the focal point in the kitchen decor. Granite is offered in many different colors and looks as well which gives endless possibilities for design solutions. In practical terms strength is one of the most significant features of granite. It is a natural stone and is very durable and strong. Once installed, it should hold up to a lot of wear and tear and serve you for many years. Maintenance of modern kitchen backsplash is easy. If properly sealed prior installation, it is stain and scratch resistant as well as water resistant. Extending your granite countertop to the walls as a backsplash creates a seamless and clean look

Cons of granite backsplash

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One of the biggest cons of a granite backsplash is that it can stain due to the porous nature of the stone. Food or liquids have to be cleaned quickly so that you avoid potential staining. All this means that just like a granite countertop, a granite backsplash will require sealing with a proper granite sealer. Fortunately resealing can be done from once a year to once in three years.


white kitchen rustic decor granite backsplash granite countertops

 Granite blends very well in rustic interiors…

white kitchen granite countertops and backsplash wood kitchen island with seating

 … and in contemporary kitchen designs

contemporary kitchen granite countertops granite backsplash design ideas

The beautiful granite complements the white kitchen

white kitchen design wood flooring kitchen island granite backsplash

Granite is offered in many colors and can be matched with different cabinets

black kitchen cabinets granite countertop and backsplash

 A spectacular kitchen decoration

kitchen decoration ideas wood cabinets spectacular granite slabs backsplash

 Contemporary open floor plan kitchen 

modern white kitchen granite backsplash kitchen island with seating

 Beautiful kitchen backsplash and countertops

modern kitchen bacsplash ideas granite pros cons kitchen decoration ideas

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kitchen backsplash ideas granite backsplash kitchen decoration

granite pros cons kitchen backsplash ideas kitchen remodel ideas

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contemporary kitchen wood cabinets granite countertops and backsplash

 kitchen ideas black cabinets granite slab backsplash

pros and cons granite backsplash kitchen remodel ideas

white kitchen cabinets granite countertops and backsplash

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