Moroccan tile backsplash – add the charm of the Mediterranean sea

lovely moroccan tile backsplash ideas blue arabesque tiles home bar decor

Interiors designed in Moroccan style feature a fascinating mix of Arab, Mediterranean and African motifs, Mediterranean furniture and decor. The vibrant colors, specific ornaments, materials and textures create sophisticated, one-of-a-kind living spaces with great visual aesthetics. We will show you some magnificent Moroccan tile backsplash ideas which will make your kitchen original, brilliant and particularly attractive.


Moroccan tile backsplash ideas – the Arabesque shaped tiles.

moroccan tile backsplash white arabesque tiles white kitchen design ideas

Perhaps the Arabesque shaped tiles are the most popular tiles when we speak about Moroccan tile backsplash ideas. This is a classic shape, wonderfully curvy, elegantly stylish and very often compared to the exquisite shape of a Moroccan lantern. An enormous advantage of arabesque shaped tiles is that they are suitable and fit harmoniously to any style – from Moroccan style, Rustic style and even modern designs. The color options can be different and you can choose from pure white to rich colors that stand out in the interior and make the backsplash a real accent in the kitchen décor

Moroccan tile backsplash ideas – geometric shapes and color combinations

Stunning kitchen backslpash moroccan tile backsplash ideas kitchen decoration

Many Moroccan tile backsplash ideas take advantage of the rich colors as are an essential feature in creating the Mediterranean look. The Moroccan tiles are also known as “Zellige” or “zellij”, were traditionally hand painted with intricate and complex geometric patterns. Historically, it is believed that the tiles are an artistic expression which originated from the limitations of the Islam rules as they do not allow depiction of living beings.

moroccan tile backsplash ideas kitchen decoration colorful tiles

The tiles add a lovely exotic atmosphere to the kitchen and are perfect for white kitchens as the colorful tiles create an eye catching contrast. Many owners choose a combination of colors and geometric patterns and the most popular ones feature blue, red, yellow, terracotta, orange and gold. Such tiles look especially impressive in kitchens with Moroccan decorative elements – arches, wrought iron, lanterns, wood.


moroccan tile backsplash ideas white kitchen open shelves

 Moroccan tiles in a modern kitchen – an eye catching decoration

moroccan tile backsplash ideas contemporary kitchen backsplash ideas

 Moroccan style kitchen interior

mediterranean kitchen design ideas moroccan tile backsplash breakfast bar blue kitchen cabinets

Adorable blue white ceramic tiles with geometric patter

moroccan tile backsplash ideas blue white ceramic tiles kitchen decor

 Exotic Moroccan flair in the kitchen

moroccan tile backsplash ideas black white colors white kitchen cabinets

Moroccan tiles in a modern kitchen

modern white kitchen moroccan tile backsplash ideas kitchen island with seating

Arabesque shaped Moroccan styles harmoniously fit in rustic style interiors

Mediterranean style kitchen moroccan tile backsplash ideas arabesque shaped tiles

 A unique decor for your kitchen

contemporary kitchen moroccan tile backsplash ideas arabesque shaped tiles

 Mediterranean style kitchen

Mediterranean kitchen arabesque tile backsplash wooden kitchen island ceiling beams

inspiring moroccan tile backsplash ideas black white tiles geometric pattern

moroccan tile backsplash ideas colorful geometric patterns exotic flair kitchen decor

blue moroccan backsplash tile ideas ceramic backsplash tiles geometric pattern

beautiful-moroccan tile backsplash ideas geometric pattern tiles open shelves

beautiful moroccan tile backsplash ideas blue white ceramic tiles

Kitchen design ideas Moroccan tiles kitchen backsplash ideas

moroccan backsplash tiles turquoise color white kitchen countertop

Spectacular Moroccan tiles kitchen decorating ideas kitchen backsplash

Moroccan tile kitchen decorating ideas tile backsplash ideas

Moroccan design kitchen tile backsplash ideas

modern kitchen decor mediterranean kitchen Moroccan arabesque tile backsplash

Kitchen backsplash ideas Moroccan tile backsplash blue white tiles


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