Homemade cleaning supplies – non-toxic cleaning solutions

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You need new solutions for cleaning? The homemade cleaning supplies are the best!We are all tired of these toxic cleaning supplies which make us sick and hate the entire cleaning process. In the end it might turn out that it is much healthier and safer not to clean your home, rather than cleaning with those hazardous supplies with heavy smells and poisonous effect. However, not cleaning is not the solution. Today, we have the ability to be more creative than ever and eco-friendly home-made cleaning supplies are the answer to turn things around. It is crucial to reduce chemical usage for home cleaning especially if you have little children.

Innovative green clean homemade solutions

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Here are some of the most common and natural “ingredients” for a good thorough homemade cleaning solution : Use these tips in your everyday cleaning and you will see that the results are absolutely astonishing. Vinegar is widely known as a great eco-friendly, home cleaning supply. First of all it is a great disinfectant and bad smell neutralizer. If you have a dog in the house, vinegar is your carpet’s best friend. However you have to mix it with water, otherwise with large vinegar concentration quantities usage you might end up harming your carpet or furniture.

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