Modern modular kitchen design by Arclinea

Modular and modern kitchen design

San Diego-based kitchen design company Arclinea is responsible for the creation of the Artusi modern modular kitchen design. The Artusi collection offers flexible and elegant solutions for your kitchen space. It combines steady materials and latest technological features into a clean flawless design inspired by contemporary minimalist style.

Contemporary modular kitchen

One of the Artusi kitchen’s most valuable qualities is its ability to be divided into separate modules and arranged to the customer’s own preferences. The modern modular kitchen design gives you the option to customize your own space and create a layout that best fits your needs. That design freedom is possible due to the independent elements which can stand on their own. Every piece of the kitchen has a sophisticated modern design achieved through clean geometry and use of contemporary materials. The main material that defines the Artusi modern modular kitchen design is steel which gives the design its tough shiny look. Steel is used simultaneously with teak which is also distinctive for the Artusi design. Both materials contribute to the elegance and modern feel of the kitchen. The warmer touch of wood can soften the sense of the design and add variety to its atmosphere without spoiling the bright contemporary look. And for those with firmer preferences there is a neutral version that has the wood painted white or black.

Modern modular kitchen design

Minimalist design modular kitchen design

The modern modular kitchen design also has a number of technical features. It offers silent lightweight cabinet doors with integrated handles, sliding cutting boards and a withdrawing working counter top. All these features are created to turn kitchen work into an easier, faster and most of all enjoyable process. The modern modular kitchen design also includes high quality built-in appliances that complete the overall image of the minimalist steel design.

Luxury modular kitchen from Arclinea

Luxury kitchen from Arclinea

Luxury kitchen from Arclinea

Arclinea modular kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen island

Stainless steel kitchen design from Arclinea

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