Kitchen renovation – effective and cheap ideas

Kitchen renovationl ideas marble worktop

You want to remodel your kitchen on a budget? If you want to give a new look to the kitchen, without being apart for weeks or months and to save the cost of a major renovation, there are several possibilities. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas which are effective and cheap.

Kitchen renovation on a budget

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 Walls and ceilingeasy kitchen renovation
• Your kitchen will have a dramatic new look by getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. Colors go out of fashion just as clothes do, and if you have been looking at the same color for the past ten years, probably this color has gone out of fashion. A painting can quickly bring your kitchen into the 21st century, at a price of less than a hundred euros.

Kitchen renovation ideas – buy new lights

Kitchen renovation ideas new lighting fixtures

• Another idea for a kitchen renovation is to replace light fixtures and change the old lamps with something more exciting and modern. This simple step can make a dramatic change in an old kitchen.

Kitchen renovation

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Kitchen cabinets
• If your existing cabinets are still stable, you should consider to upgrade the existing hardware. New handles on the drawers are cheap and available in home improvement stores and you can change your entire kitchen cabinet hardware in half a day.

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Would you like a new color for your kitchen cabinets? You can make it even easier and change only the doors. This idea is perfect if you want to use it as an interior decoration. Painting the cabinet fronts by yourself is even cheaper.

Kitchen renovation – new handles

Kitchen renovation ideas effective low handles change

If you do not fancy painting? How about applying a stencil to the cabinet to add some life to the doors, or completely remove the doors and enjoy the new “open” look of the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen renovation ideas long steel cabinet handles

You want to spend a little money, then you remove the cabinet doors, cut out the middle and replace it with a glass plate.

You may not want to give yourself the trouble and the cost to actually replace your countertops, but you can buy countertop highlights (also laminate) and the new color will change your kitchen.

Kitchen renovation ideas open shelves

Replacing the backsplash is also a job that can be easily done by most DIY’ers.

Kitchen renovation ideas cabinets sticker

• Modification of the sink is a major project, but only the tap can be replaced. A stylish new faucet is a major upgrade and modern fixtures are easy to install for homeowners because they do not require you to cut any pipes or plumbing joints. The faucet uses compression fittings that you can only tighten by hand.

Kitchen renovation ideas wall stickers

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