Trendy outdoor kitchen design – ideas for outdoor space

outdoor Kitchen design exterior space ideas

According to the American model of BBQ outdoor kitchen design, a new outdoor cooking trend has established itself worldwide. But if you want more than just a barbecue,  you can design an outdoor kitchen to be able to prepare the entire menu under the open sky!

An outdoor kitchen completes the outdoor area

Cooking outdoor ideas for design

 The range of kitchen designs for the outdoor area is very diverse, there is certainly something for every taste. Very useful are the manufacture and mobile kitchens that can be installed and used as needed. A kitchen in the garden, of course, you can build yourself, and choose from a wide range of built-in appliances. The outdoor kitchen can be customized with different colors and designs. As desired, you can have a kitchen with a rustic look or in a minimalist style.

 The outdoor kitchen should visually match the garden

Outdoor Living Spaces Kitchens and Patios

The lighting conditions, visibility and wind protection are very important for the choice of the suitable location of your outdoor kitchen. The garden kitchen does not need quite as much space as an indoor kitchen. It can be compiled individually and from different elements, but it must have the most important kitchen elementscabinets for outdoor kitchen, work surface, water and sink, hob, grill, optional storage space. Whether made of wood, natural stone, marble, granite, artificial stone or stainless steel, the important factor is weather resistance. Also a combination of different materials is possible.

Ideas for outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen table decorating

The garden is basically the place where you can relax and chat with friends. Make cooking in the garden a pleasant event for friends and family. Isn’t it fun while you cook to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view! One should ensure the cozy atmosphere in the outdoor area. Decorate the table with planters that create the visual connection between the garden and outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen with stunning views

Outdoor kitchen grill area

Pool kitchen with modern equipment

Garden kitchen area pool ideas

Kitchen in the garden

Cooking in garden ideas for outdoor spaces

Garden kitchen with roof

Kitchen Design Canopy marble counter

Kitchen island for the garden

kitchen design ideas

Open-air kitchen

Cooking outdoor under the trees

Kitchen with built-in lights

grill area in the garden outdoor kitchen

Grill for the kitchen

grill for the outdoor kitchen

Kitchen on the deck – outdoor cooking

Grill for the kitchen garden ideas

Garden kitchen in bricks

outdoor Kitchen design patio ideas

Modern garden kitchen

Garden kitchen design ideas

Outdoor kitchen sland built in cabinet

outdoor kitchen island garden ideas

Elements the outdoor Kitchen


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