Perfect Contemporary Kitchen Architecture by Bulthaup of Germany

 Modern kitchen design by Bulthaup

Bulthaup have been in the business of designing and making superb kitchen furniture since way back in 1949 when Martin Bulthaup first established his furniture making business in the northern foothills of the Alps in Bavaria.  Built on the solid foundations of skilled craftsmanship and an ability to anticipate changing lifestyle demands, the forward thinking Bulthaup company has grown from strength to strength.  It is now a global leader in the design and production of perfect contemporary kitchen architecture.

Perfect Contemporary Kitchen Architecture

by Bulthaup of Germany

Style and simplicity - Bulthaup kitchen designs

The global demand for Bulthaup kitchens is well justified.  Looking at the fabulous range of projects illustrated on the company website, you can start to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of these outstanding contemporary kitchen designs. Perfectly streamlined and elegant kitchens are shown integrating within all styles of architecture.  The simple forms, and harmonious volumes are totally modern but they fit just as well within more historic, even rusticated settings, as they do in ultra modern environments.

Extraordinary Contemporary Kitchen Architecture

Leading German company Bulthaup

Against bare bricks stonework and old timber, the contrast of the sleek contemporary kitchen architecture looks stunning.  Within a minimalist architectural scheme the stylish units fit in seamlessly, adding a spacious fluidity to working spaces.  Whatever the setting, the constant factor is that Bulthaup’s custom built kitchens all offer a sense of light filled spaciousness.  This is partly to do with the uncluttered styling and the lightness of the materials used, but also due to the particular attention paid to clever and attractive storage solutions.

Innovative Storage Solutions Define Contemporary Kitchen Architecture

Modern white kitchen design

No kitchen, however stylish and modern, will retain its streamlined good looks and sense of spaciousness if all its surfaces are cluttered.  This is one aspect of Bulthaup kitchens which sets it ahead of many of its competitors.  Superb and ingenious storage solutions are a primary feature of all the kitchens illustrated.  Regardless whether the customer chooses a built in design or a more portable system of kitchen furniture, they can be assured that all their storage needs will be met.

Bulthaup Contemporary Kitchen Architecture

Massive kitchen by Bulthaup

Stylish shelving and racks may house herbs, jars, books and kitchen utensils etc. Or these may be completely hidden in concealed drawer units and cupboards.  Drawers glide open as if by magic to reveal numerous compartments designed to totally eliminate kitchen clutter. Cupboards are spacious and make the most of every available space.  This represents contemporary kitchen architecture perfect for today’s lifestyles.  Particularly for those people that enjoy open plan living.

Enjoying Good Food with Bulthaup Contemporary Kitchens

Modern kitchen conception


At one point in Bulthaup’s design history, they envisaged that the kitchen of the future would be a place just for micro-waving ‘ready meals’.  This fascinating kitchen design looked like the futuristic command module of a spaceship. This was the prediction in the 1970’s and for some people this vision may have become a reality.  But the truth is, in the 21st century, many people still love to cook and entertain.

Contemporary White Kitchen Design Idea by Bulthaup

Modern kitchen design ideas by Bulthaup

With this in mind these ideal kitchen designs create spaces that are: harmonious, beautiful and durable.  These are fabulous work places that you will love to work in and serene environments that you will love to chat with friends in.  The streamlined styling is not just beautiful it is easy to keep clean and the clever storage systems make the task of keeping the kitchen tidy, less of a chore even for the most undisciplined chef!


In short, Bulthaup create perfect, user friendly, multi functional kitchens to suit busy people who still enjoy cooking.


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Elegant Kitchen Design by Bulthaup

White contemporary kitchen design by Bulthaup


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Contemporary kitchen architecture design


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Contemporary Kitchen Design

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Contemporary kitchen design by Bulthaup




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