Reface kitchen cabinets with cool kitchen renovation ideas

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Kitchen cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen furniture – they give the room a certain look and define the interior. Many kitchens can have a completely new look if you reface kitchen cabinets. Here are some ideas on how to make a quick kitchen renovation easily and inexpensively.

Reface kitchen cabinets – a facelift for your kitchen

Replace reface kitchen cabinets tips ideas kitchen remodel

Many experts will advise you to rather replace than reface kitchen cabinets. However, if you are not willing to spend a fortune on new kitchen cabinets but you still feel your kitchen needs to be refreshed, refacing the kitchen cabinets is going to be a good idea. And cost effective as well.

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It could also be that you like the layout of your kitchen and you want to keep the existing cabinet frames. This is another reason to choose refacing kitchen cabinets.

reface kitchen cabinets ideas kitchen renovation ideas low budget

Another important factor is time. Replacing your old cabinets with new ones may take quite a while, while refacing them will take between three and five days. How about having a new kitchen in a week?


Reface kitchen cabinets – practical ideas

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It is clear that the process of giving your kitchen a new look and reface kitchen cabinets includes changing their front doors which is actually 90 percent of what is visible from your kitchen.

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Almost any cabinet could be refaced and if your kitchen is well-built and functional there is no reason to tear it all apart and change it.

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Another great advantage is that the flooring, the electric installation and your appliances will not be disturbed and most of your kitchen will be functioning during the process of refacing the cabinets.

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There is no need to change your kitchen countertop, especially if you are happy. This will also help you keep the budget for the renovation low.

Refacing kitchen cabinets – before

modern kitchen reface kitchen cabinets before after

Refacing kitchen cabinets – after


Refacing kitchen cabinets takes much less than than replacing

reface kitchen cabinets cool kitchen ideas kitchen remodel

 Refacing kitchen cabinets requires less funds

Reface kitchen cabinets advantages cost effective kitchen remodel

 You do not need to change the flooring or the countertops if you are happy with them

modern kitchen refacing kitchen cabinets ideas cool kitchen ideas

 Glass front doors of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing ideas kitchen renovation tips

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Kitchen cabinet refacing ideas affordable kitchen remodel ideas

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