What makes a Super Stylish Kitchen? Based on advice from leading designer Meredith Heron of Canada


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 So what is in store for the ‘Heart of the Home’ this year?  Leading designer Meredith Heron of ‘Meredith Heron Design’ has been giving this topic some serious thought and here are her predictions for a super stylish kitchen.


How to Achieve a Super Stylish Kitchen based on advice from designer Meredith Heron

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If you have been thinking that your kitchen needs a face lift, would be a good year to take on this major project.  The main reason being is that, as Meredith Heron says, “The great thing about kitchen design right now is that anything goes,” so whether your preference is for a traditional kitchen design or something ultra modern, whether you like wood, aluminum stone or marble, this year you will find a super stylish kitchen to suit your tastes and your budget. Here are some new ideas to add to the ever popular French farmhouse look and the more recent trend for a strikingly, industrial chic designs.


Meredith’s Idea for a Super Stylish Kitchen


Kitchen trends by Meredith Heron

Meredith says that the key to achieving this striking style is to mix “… textures, finishes and vintage pieces juxtaposed against a modern framework”.  She speaks about one example she designed for Christine Dovey. Unusually for a kitchen, the color scheme was based on a color combination of pink and gold. Meredith incorporated an antique mirror into the kitchen design as this “…..added an unexpected glamour” Additionally, she built in open shelves which are perfect for showing of a collection of beautiful objects.  This collection made a powerful visual connection between the kitchen and the rest of Christine Dovey’s unique home.  This design approach resulted in a highly personalized and customized kitchen made to reflect the client’s character and individuality.


A Fusion of Modern and Traditional Styles

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This concept creates a timeless kitchen but one that doesn’t appear too traditional. To achieve this super stylish kitchen look, Meredith recommends that “Contrasting colors, unusual lighting, decorative finishes and a mix of hardware are great ways to take a classic look and give it a modern edge”. For originality, she suggests trying different colored doors on upper and lower cupboards.  Another of Meredith’s ideas for combining traditional and modern elements in an exciting way, is to introduce a large decorative chandelier into a super sleek modern kitchen. This creates a stunning and unexpected contrast.

‘Simply Scandinavian’ Super Stylish Kitchens return


Stylish kitchen with modern chandelier

According to Meredith, the simple Scandinavian kitchen will return to become a favorite in super stylish kitchen league tables! She says that the characteristic plain, matte cabinet fronts are still very popular, but to make these more unusual add brass features and lively patterned fabrics to ensure the kitchen is extra welcoming.

Modern Marble Countertop Design Idea


Stylish kitchen countertop

Brass Faucet Design for Super Stylish Kitchen


Contemporary kitchen design idea by Meredith Heron



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