Kids room design solutions – Purple is the new pink!

white purple kids room design solution

You need more ideas for your kids room? What is so great about purple? First of all it is neutral just like green and yellow. It is appropriate for both – girl’s and boy’s room. It is gorgeous, because it makes the room environment much more rich and saturated. It symbolizes royalty which makes it perfectly adequate for your little prince or princess. It goes very well with any type of furniture, so you have the freedom to create a wonderful environment that will best suit your child. Here are some decorative ideas that will definitely show you all the advantages of painting your child’s room in purple.

 Lovely purple kids room design ideas

incredibly stylish purple creative design solution girls room

If you want to keep the kids room absolutely neutral, you should avoid combinations that will either make it too girlish or too boyish. Pink for example goes very well with purple, but not if you don’t want to emphasize on the girlishness. Sticking to more common and classy combinations like “purple with orange” and “purple with gray, black or white” are the best solution in this case.

Creative kids room decor

dark purple yellow combination wonderful girls room design

Here are some lovely examples of kids room ideas that can inspire you to create a lovely purple ambience for your child. You can never go wrong with a beautiful combination of purple and white. Throw in some colorful cushions and accessories to enlighten the environment and make it more appropriate for a kid and you have a wonderful décor.Brown picture frames and colorful curtains and sheets go perfectly well with purple. Although it sounds a bit unusual brown really complements the softness of the light purple shade.Light purple with blue and pink are wonderful combinations for a girls and a boys room if you want to make it more special and personal to the child. A lovely blue armchair or pink curtains are going to make your child’s purple room even more enchanting.Earth tones or bright colors – they all create gorgeous combinations with purple. It is up to you to decide which will best suit your kids’ personalities.

Chic and stylish girls bedroom

creative chic expansive decor girls room

An expansive, chic, colorful solution for twins bedroom

purple green combination twins room idea

Creative blue and purple classy decor

blue purple artistic design combination

This purple room is ideal for a boy and a girl

chic expansive purple kids design idea

Artistry will never grow out of style. Check out this incredible design! 

artistic kids room design idea

Baby girl’s purple Holywood style nursery 

stylish nursery purple design idea

Absolute cuteness – pretty in purple!

lovely chic kids room purple design

little girl romantic chic bed design idea

pink purple girls room design solution

modern expansive white purple kids room design

lovely compact area purple design idea kids room

little princess lovely pink green design kids room solution

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