Feng Shui in kids rooms – ideas and tips for the design

Feng Shui kids bedroom designs ideas

Feng Shui for children is of no less importance than for adults. Children are particularly sensitive to the movement of energy around them and we shall give you some tips and ideas for the Feng Shui in kids rooms.

Why is Feng Shui in kids rooms necessary?

Kids room Feng Shui interior design furniture ideas colors zones

Following the rules of Feng Shui, you can create for your children a healthy environment in which they will quickly develop intellectually, physically and spiritually. It is a fact that the interior of the room affects children’s behavior and many parents who want to give their children a favorable, balanced and harmonious environment and develop the capabilities of the kids turn to Feng Shui. The rules for Feng Shui in kids rooms are not difficult to follow if you are a caring parent who wants to secure a healthy environment for his children.


Feng Shui in kids rooms – setting zones

Feng shui in kids bedroom ideas colors zones rules

Children use their rooms for various activities and it is very important to provide a space with an appropriate size so that everything can find its own place. Feng Shui in kids rooms should also satisfy the needs of children for an active play area, a learning zone and a quiet zone for rest and sleep.

how to design Feng shui kids bedroom ideas playroom zones

The play area needs a lot of space and lots of light. The element of fire is quite appropriate for this and can be implemented by sunny colors. The best place for the play area is near one or more windows.

kids bedroom Feng Shui design ideas furniture ideas

The learning zone should increase the ability of the children to learn and the place of the desk is important. Placing a desk right before the window is not favorable because the child can often be distracted. It is recommended that light comes from the side. Creativity and activity are often can be increased by colors as well – green, brown, light blue are a good choice.

Feng Shui kids bedroom bed placement colors furniture ideas

Sleeping and relaxation zone is influenced by the element of water. Parents should use round or oval shapes and shades like blue, brown or gray.

Feng Shui in kids rooms – ideas for the furniture

kids room Feng Shui rules colors storage space

Natural materials would always be the right choice. Plastic may contaminate the air and may additionally contain toxic substances. Cotton curtains or cotton sheets are ideal, as well as wood and wool for the floor.

 Feng Shui in kids rooms – get rid of clutter

Feng Shui kids bedroom how to organize storage space

Make sure that there is enough storage space for organizing the various toys, books, sports equipment and the room is well organized without depriving the child from access to his belongings. Baskets, boxes, storage shelves will help you maintain a good order in the room.

Lovely pastel shades in the kids’ bedroom

Feng shui in kids bedroom furniture ideas bed placement

 Natural materials are the best choice for kids’ room furniture

kids room Feng Shui decorating ideas wall sticker tree

Divide the space into zones

Feng Shui kids bedroom zone setting reading corner game corner

Stimulate the creativity of kids

kids bedroom Feng Shui interior design ideas game zone learning zone

kids room feng shi designs ideas furniture ideas

kids bedroom Feng Shui design ideas color ideas furniture ideas

kids bedroom design Feng shui in kids bedroom furniture layout

how to arrange feng shui in kids rooms rules ideas

Feng shui kids bedroom tips ideas kids bedroom furniture ideas

Feng Shui kids bedroom colors ideas decorating tips

Feng shui in kids bedroom ideas design tips

Feng shui in kids bedroom design furniture ideas storage space


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