Health Giving House Plants Clean the Air that You Breath

Improve your health by introducing plants to your bedroom

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It’s an important fact that houseplants don’t just add beauty and life to your bedroom.  You can help to create a healthier environment in your home by introducing health giving house plants to the decorative scheme.  Research has proved that houseplants make a vital difference to the air quality in your living environments. This article explains how this works and which are the best house plants to select?

The Problem – Unhealthy Air Quality in Modern Homes

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Did you know that every time you buy new curtains, bed linens or carpeting, you are unwittingly bringing unhealthy chemicals into your bedroom?  These are the chemicals that are integral to the fabric manufacturing process, making their way into your home environment. You may smell a distinctive aroma when unwrapping new fabrics. A smell associated with ‘newness’, but unfortunately this scent also harbors substances that contaminate the air you breathe.  The same thing happens when you unpack dry cleaning. Studies have revealed that a significant proportion of the air in modern homes is composed of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).  Mostly we are oblivious to the presence of these invisible substances, but they have been proven to irritate the respiratory tract, cause headaches, sinus congestion, and fatigue.  This is worrying, but the solution may be simple.

You may not be aware of what hard working organisms houseplants are. Here are some of the activities they get up to, silently working away in the background while still managing to look serene and beautiful.  Potted plants actually filter contaminants from the air that you breathe.

The Solution – Health Giving House Plants Filter the Air

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Avoid breathing air contaminating VOC’s in your bedroom by improving the air quality in your house.  Of course you don’t need to panic and dash out to buy breathing masks, simply introduce some health giving houseplants to your decorative scheme.

Ground-breaking research at NASA has demonstrated that houseplants are a potent antidote to unhealthy air. They filter out many of the unhealthy household chemicals that contribute to poor air quality which in turn causes ill health. The houseplants’ foliage actually soaks up these nasty VOC’s, and remarkably breaks them down to use as nutrients.

Selecting and Placing Health Giving Houseplants

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The recommended ‘dosage’ of health giving houseplants in the bedroom is: two or three plants in 20-26 cm pots for every 9 square meters of living space.  This proportion of plants to space will help considerably in filtering the air in your breathing zone.  For a faster effect, double the amount of plants in the same area, and your living environment will become healthier within a week.  So, if you are prone to waking up with headaches, feeling sluggish in the mornings, or generally not fit to face the day, this simple remedy could provide the solution to your problems.

Some of Nature’s Super Plants

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Health giving super foods have been publicized for decades, now it’s the turn of health giving super plants to take centre stage. Listed here are all houseplants which are effective against a range of common and highly noxious household chemicals including: ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene, and trichloroethylene.

Bamboo palm / Lady palm / Dwarf date palm / Janet Craig dracaena / English ivy / Kimberly queen Boston fern / Weeping fig / Gerbera daisy / Corn plant / Warneckei dracaena

For those of you unfamiliar with caring for indoor plants, most of these varieties are relatively simple to look after and do not require a huge amount of nurturing.

The additional benefit of growing beautiful health giving house plants, is that they also have a significant calming and relaxing effect on people, which has to be great for the bedroom.

by Jaz

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Scented Geranium

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Health Giving House Plants - Cleaning the Air


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