17 fire pit designs to make your patio area comfortable

natural stone round fire pit design in garden

Be inspired by these beautiful fire pit designs and arrange your patio area with a cozy one. Create a bit of warmth in the garden in the cool evenings and impress your friends and family with a welcoming atmosphere. You can choose from numerous styles and materials. Match the fire pit with the interior style of the patio area.

Garden fire pit design with round shape

stone edge round fire pit design in garden

Fire pit designs with round shape are especially popular for the garden. They give the patio area a certain elegance and have a classic and timeless shape. For more opulence and impressive design you may choose such fireplaces made of stone with an antique look. Simple models of copper, concrete block fire pit or metal fire pits are recommended for a natural look in the garden. If you do not like structures on the ground level, have a built-in fireplace which can be set up in the ground.

Classic round fire pit made of natural stone

elegant model fire pit design in garden

Metal fire pit with round shape

round benches fire pit design garden

Fire pit with modern metal structure

Modern design fire pit garden area

 Cozy sitting area with fire pit and wicker furniture

woven garden chairs fire pit design patio area

Patio area with several levels 

fire pit design ideas patio design

 Comfortable seating area in the garden with a round fire pit

small sitting area garden fire pit

Patio area with colorful design

colorful patio area fire pit design

Opulent fire pit with an antique look

antique look fire pit design in the garden by hte swimming pool

Built-in fire pits with round shape

rustic style fire pit design in the garden

ground model fire pit patio area ideas

Garden fire pits design with rectangular shape

lounge area built in fire pit design in the garden

Fire pit designs are not only in a round shape. If you like the angular shapes and have a patio area with geometric patterns, you can get a fire pit with a rectangular shape. Most rectangular fire pits are made of stone and are built in the ground. Therefore, you should carefully think for the position of the fire pit as it can not be moved easily.

 Built-in fire pit with rectangular shape

rectangular fire pit patio design ideas

Square fire pit with a clean design

square fire pit patio area ideas

 Fire pit next to the pool

pool area modern fire pit idea

 Comfortable relax in the garden next to the fireplace

minimalist style fire pit garden design



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