Patio awning – individual solutions for sun shading

Roll up patio awning white fabric

In addition to umbrellas, patio awnings awning  are most frequently used. The Colosseum in Rome had a similar sun protection design – the Velarium. Modern sun sails are characterized by high quality workmanship and superior design. They offer protection against sun, wind and rain and complete the overall aesthetics of a house.

Patio awning – form and function

Outdoor Furniture patio Awning

Patio awning can be personalized by shape and color. Sun sails are made ​​of modern UV resistant polyester fabrics and textile membranes, thus high flexibility and low weight per unit can be achieved. Awning can be wind-and water-permeable or waterproof. Choosing the right material for you depends on your personal wishes. For optimum stability sun shade sails need brackets and supports, which are usually made ​​of stainless steel. Sun sails can also be attached to building facades.

Patio awning combines functionality, aesthetics and durability

rollable Awning design ideas for outdoor area

The classic sun shade sails designs are mechanically or electrically rolled up. People who have his own idea of ​​the shape of the sail, they can realize it with the help of professional planning and execution. The patio awning is dismantled in the autumn, cleaned and stored and assembled again in the spring.

A summer atmosphere in the outdoor area

Awning roof terrace fabric couches

Awnings for patio are available in different shapes and colors. Combinations of sun sails in different colors an interesting colorful shading is created. The versatility of sun sails can also be used for difficult space conditions and attractive solutions can be created. Some models look very decorative and elegant and bring an elegant atmosphere.

Shading for the decks – UV-resistant fabrics

Sun protection patio awning

Mediterranean-style patio with awning

Rectangular patio awning outdoor dining furniture

Awning for patio area

Sunscreen Waterproof Patio Terrace

The sun sail offers sun and rain protection

Rectangular sun protection blue waterproof

Solution for patios sun shade sails

Sun protection sail patio awning

Patio deck awning – sun protection

Patio Awning fabric wooden deck

Shading for balconies, gardens and buildings

sun sail Awning rolled balcony canopy

Awning for the garden and the deck

Waterproof awning fabric blue patio roof

 Square awning attached to the house

sun protection ideas patio awning design

Triangle sun sail – sun shade for the patio deck




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