How to create a water garden – tips for ponds and plants

Koi Fish Pond Water Garden

Design a dream oasis of well-being and relaxation – we will give you tips and ideas on how to create a water garden.

How to design a water garden – find the right place

Koi Pond Garden Ideas

Before you create a water garden, consider the optimal location. At least 0.6 meters deep and at least 2.84 wide, to provide a broad space. If you dig a hole for the pond, make sure that the edge level is the same everywhere. Fill the pond with water and wait for a day before adding the water plants. A garden pond can be separated by stones from the rest of the garden. It will look like a natural pond when you schedule a small waterfall and lots of plants and flowers around the pond. The water garden should be a haven of peace, which is why you should organize a pergola and small sitting area. Choose furniture made ​​from natural materials so that it does not disturb the overall picture. If you have a small garden, you can arrange a wellness area with a small water fountain.

Water garden design – flowers, plants, decoration

Water Garden Pond Flowers selection

Decorate the water garden with fresh spring flowers. Water attracts the birds, so you can build a bird house nearby. Statues give the garden a classic look. Lanterns of iron also contribute to comfort in the evening and create a romantic atmosphere. Also, they would prevent the risk that you might stumble over the stones. Aquatic plants usually need sunlight. The water lilies are a perfect addition to design, as well as some climbing plants. Stones with moss will give a natural look to the pond. If you want to create a koi pond, you need to think in advance what do you do with the fish in the winter. Get inspired by these creative examples and create a paradise in your backyard!

Green oasis

small waterfall garden design idea

Water garden in English style

Water garden spring flower design idea

Garden pond with fountain

modern garden design idea water garden design

 Waterfall in the garden

Waterfall garden design idea

Colorful spring flowers and plants make the pond look natural

modern garden design ideas water garden plants

Fountains for small gardens

fountain stone garden design ideas

 Small garden with planted wall – perfect for the balcony

Garden design water pond idea

Japanese style garden

Japanese garden pond ideas

Patio with modern garden pond

planted green wall pool garden

Water lilies in the pond

English garden pond marble tiles

Wooden deck at the edge of the pond

Flowers water plants garden pond ideas

 Romantic garden

Water wall garden design ideas

 Interesting garden design

Water garden design idea vapor

 Garden pond in autumn

beautiful water garden autumn


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