Aluminum patio cover – properties and benefits

aluminum patio cover posts and beams canopy

The patio has become a convenient additional outdoor living space. Some factors are important for the effective and balanced micro-climate and well-being. Of course protection against direct solar radiation, wind and rain must be considered. Umbrellas and awnings are practical solutions for the summer months, especially if there is a shading and rain protection. To use the outdoor area in winter, a patio cover is required. Modern patio cover constructions are suitable for small patios as well as large ones. The cover is an excellent solution for you as a precaution against bad weather conditions or hot sun. The market offers many interesting designs and you will be able to find the one that suits your needs depending on your preferences and style.

Aluminum patio cover offers individual customization options

Sunscreen Summer deck aluminum frame pergola

Aluminum retains its color and does not need to be varnished or painted. Aluminum does not rust, it looks good and the market offers different designs of structures. Most popular colors are white, black, red, brown and green so you can match the cover of your patio with the overall exterior of your home. A patio cover made ​​of aluminum not only impresses with a modern look, but also has several advantages. An aluminum patio roof is robust and durable (snow load up to 200 kg / m²). Aluminum profiles are hardly in need of care and are weather resistant. They have a low weight too. The penetration of dirt and moisture is permanently prevented! The sum that you have to invest varies between 200 and 300 € / m². Aluminum patio roofs, however, are an inexpensive and long-term investment.

Patio cover – sun, wind, and rain protection

Slanted roof deck roof aluminum profiles

By creating an additional outdoor space you can enjoy time together with friends and family in any weather. Owners of a covered patio will enjoy the garden not only in the warm days, but throughout the year. Patio covers made ​​of aluminum can be with laminated glass, wall sheets, light panels and corrugated sheets. You can customize aluminum profiles according to your individual wishes and needs. Different shapes, colors and profiles can personalize the outdoor area.

Aluminum roof for the deck

aluminum patio cover frame swimming pool

Robust aluminum patio roof

Pergola garden roof aluminum posts

Sun protection

Aluminum patio cover Garden deck pergola sunscreen

 Freestanding canopy

PVC aluminum patio cover sunbed design

Aluminum profiles guarantee stability

Patio cover metal aluminum frame posts

Self-assembly is also possible

Sunscreen garden deck ideas

 Aluminum deck roof

aluminum patio cover garden deck design ideas

 Transparent and elegant aluminum roof for a first-class impression

Covered deck Aluminum patio cover sun protection

 Weather-resistant aluminum profiles

deck roof white aluminum posts

 High quality patio roof

Aluminum profiles glass roof patio deck

 Aluminum profiles for winter gardens

aluminum patio cover glass roof wooden deck


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