Patio and deck railing design – ideas for modern patio design

Black railings Wooden Deck

If you build a deck, you should not only think about the flooring, but also about other important elements  – the deck railing. Depending on the place where the deck is, one should opt for the most suitable railing systems. If the deck is situated on a sloping hillside, the deck railing should be designed with regard to safety. For them, a height of at least 90 cm is considered as suitable, it should not be less in any case. You can choose between a wide variety of designs and colors.

Deck railing – what is important to know

Metal railing deck design ideas

Railings add safety and support to the deck, but also style and personality. One should first consider the dream appearance of his deck and only then start building. Deck railing prove their quality better or worse, only after the direct effects of the weather – rain, light wind.

 Metal deck railings – design ideas

thin metal deck railing

Those who like elegant appearance, should opt for modern metal deck railings. Wrought iron railings look noble and elegant. They are extremely versatile and with great visual appeal. Modern designs are not only functional but are awesome decorative elements of the overall design of the outdoor space. Stainless steel railings are characterized with the highest resistance to various climate conditions. They perfectly match with glass or wood. Stainless steel is very aesthetic and has high wear resistance, which is one of the most important characteristics for railings in general.They are most intricately molded from wrought iron and decorated with gold or silver plated ornaments. A metal accent with plates or cable railings, gives them a very contemporary look. A versatile modular cable system can be combined with wood or metal posts and handrails.

Wooden railings for the deck with wooden pergola

Wooden pergola deck railing design

If you like wood, this is the most variable selection. But you should make sure that the timber railing and decking matches with the facade of the house. Wood is the traditional material, used by many generations for staircases and railings. Today railings are made from different kinds of wood. Each type of wood has special characteristics but the charm and appeal of natural wood are unbeatable.

Classic railing system for the deck

White Colored deck railings classic design

The classic wooden deck railings with sturdy wooden posts and post caps are simple and inexpensive to build. Often you can see them white colored.

Rustic deck railing

rustic railing design

A magnificent deck railing system can be created entirely from maple branches. The branches are drilled and mounted on steel rods and embedded in the concrete walls. The gaps between the branches may not be very large for safety for small children, especially when the deck is higher.

Glass railings

Glass railings metal chairs patio ideas

There are also materials such as glass patio railings or plastic ones, which give an unconventional look of the deck. Glass has the advantage that it looks absolutely luxurious and exquisite. It also retains the breathtaking views, without compromising safety. But one has to be aware that the glass panels of the deck railings are made of safety glass and still consider that they need more cleaning than other building materials such as aluminum.

Deck railing design with modern materials

deck railing stainless steel

Thin cable railings offer a distinctive modern look and no obstacle at the landscape views. The stainless steel is virtually maintenance free, as it does not corrode.

The effect of the vanishing railings

deck railing thin profile autumn garden furniture

If you do not want interference with the great views of the area, then you could install thin profile railing, which look as if disappearing into the twilight. Vertical wrought iron deck railings are also a good option for decks with picturesque views.

deck railing outdoor lighting wooden deck

Decorative post caps with integrated lighting highlights the contours of the terrace and in the night is a guiding light.
Color schemes and white or colored, curvaceous and modern railings

curved railings and white deck

A sharp black-and-white color scheme defines this aluminum railing, which is designed with many curves. The deck railing design eliminates the feeling of tightness and limited nature.
Creative built-in railing system

Built in benches wooden deck railings

If you have a limited deck area, conventional deck railings are not recommended. However, in your case, such space-saving fitting benches would be effective as in the picture. They fulfill two important functions. On one hand you have enough seating to relax in the open air, on the other hand, they serve as a protective barrier. The experts recommend that you follow the same building rules for the railing as for the built-in benches. Make sure that the back of the bench is at least 36-42 cm high.
Sunny balcony with a glass railing

balcony glass railing green

Metal deck railing with scenic views

Metal chairs deck railings ideas lake view

Wood and metal in a harmonious combination

Metal wood railings

Classic wooden railings

Wooden deck railings Design

 Railing design ideas

Modern deck railings Rustic Art


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