20 ideas for garden fountains and tips for material selection

Garden Fountain Pond Design deas

We will show you 20 creative ideas for garden fountains – and give you tips on what material is suitable for your own garden / terrace. Before choosing the right design, you should choose the right material. Whether plastic, stainless steel, stone or granite, with or without lights, solar fountains or wells with pump – each model has advantages and disadvantages.

 Ideas for garden fountains and waterfalls – different designs

Waterfall Garden Design Ideas

With our ideas for garden fountains , we have tried to give you an overview of the possible designs. First you need to decide if the garden fountain is buried in the earth – this option needs protection during winter. In contrast, the free -standing versions are more compact and can be used at home as a decoration in winter. If you have already built a pond, you can use either a water wall or waterfall – they are a beautiful addition to the exterior. The so-called floor fountains are installed in the ground, and can be more effective with interesting lighting in the evening. Optionally, you can opt for a fireplace with a built-in fountain – the combination between fire and water is impressive. Modern garden fountains usually do not need a water connection, typically water movement is with a pump with solar panels, which supply the pump with power.

Ideas for garden fountains – materials

futuristic minimalist fountain glass

Different materials are available for the waterfalls and garden fountains – a classic garden stone fountain, a mixture of stone and plastic is offered lately, which is easier to maintain, and is also durable. Garden fountains made of glass and stainless steel are perfect for modern designs, while a traditional ceramic material is perfect for classic gardens or gardens in Feng Shui style.

Stainless steel fountain for the garden

Garden Fountains Ideas Stainless Steel Pond

The fountain as a decorative element

Feng Shui Garden Fountain

Koi pond with waterfall

Koi Pond Water Wall Feng Shui Garden

Garden pond with a small fountain

Natural Stone Fountain Pond Garden

Fountains for garden or patio

small fountain design ideas

Classic fountain

beautiful fountain for the garden

Small fountain in the garden

compact garden fountain terrace

Fountains for feng shui garden

Fountains Feng Shui garden design

Three-level stone waterfall

Natural Stone Fountain Garden waterfalls

Traditional ceramic fountain

small balcony fountain interesting design

Free standing fountain

outdoor fountains garden design idea

Natural stone design

Waterfall garden fountain design idea

 Water and fire – impressive combination

Garden fountain fireplace lighting

 Ideas for garden water features and lighting

Garden Waterfall Fountain Lighting


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