15 garden water features for harmonious soul and mind

Classic water fountain gardening ideas

The garden water features are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also useful. They are an important garden element that ensures the good mood and well-being, also not only on warm summer days. The soothing water sound has a therapeutic effect on human health.

Beautiful and eye-catching garden water features

Water Fountains Garden Patio Ideas

Thanks to the new technologies today are patio and garden water features in every shape and size, available from high-quality high-tech or traditional materials. Be sure that the garden fountain will soon become your favorite of your family. The water always has a strong attraction to people.

Modern or classic garden water features?

garden water features modern fountain black

You can choose between a variety of designs. The modern garden water features require no water connection, but have quiet and controllable pumps with guaranteed durability. Most are delivered as complete water systems.

Buy a garden fountain or build it yourself?

garden water features natural stone fountain

The stainless steel fountains are modern and elegant and weigh much less compared to the natural stone water features for the garden. The terracotta fountain or ceramic fountain are robust and classically perfect for the deck or patio. A person without special technical knowledge and without special tools can use a ceramic flower pot and construct such a fountain by himself. A designer fountain with water wheel adds a unique touch to the garden.

Water features – easy assembly

Garden fountain unusual design

The water features for garden and patio are easy to install – you do not necessarily need to hire a handyman. However, you should get informed before the construction or installation of the specific properties of the selected material. Garden fountains that must not be buried in the earth are suitable for a room or a patio fountain.

The pond – a modern water feature in the garden

garden water features pond design

Instead of water features for garden and patio, you could create a pond. But one which does not need so many liters of water. It might look even better if planted with water lilies. They bloom from spring to autumn in all colors except blue and purple. Water lilies can not be left in the winter in the water. A mini garden with small pond is a good idea for houses with limited outdoor space.

A nice garden fountain to make yourself

garden water features bucket decorative stones

Tree trunk – water fountain

Rustic water fountain design idea

Stainless steel garden water feature with modern design

Modern garden Fountain Stainless steel

 Interesting fountain with watering can and flowers

Modern garden composition bucket flower pots garden fountains

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