14 Balcony design ideas – decorate with flower pots on the railings

colorful flower pots balcony privacy protection folding chairs

The balcony is not only a place where you can store your bicycles, but also a space where you can relax and rest. Almost every apartment has a balcony and many people use it to store a lot of unnecessary things waiting for the day when they might need them. It is so easy to de-clutter your balcony and create a welcoming, nice and comfortable space which will not only complement your home but will give you the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors. We offer 14 balcony design ideas how to decorate with flower boxes, railings and can protect the necessary privacy simultaneously. Be inspired by our proposals – whether monochrome or colorful, Feng Shui style, Scandinavian or with vintage flavor – the options are virtually endless.

Balcony design ideas – decorate with flower pots

creative balcony design planted wall stool stone wall

Create a green kingdom on the balcony which can be used for relaxing in the spring and summer. With these fresh balcony design ideas we show you completely decorated with furniture and matching flooring examples. Some helpful tips in advance – arrange the balcony in line with the style of the furnishing in the apartment. A smooth transition from the room to the outside is achieved by a carpet. Wooden flooring  on the balcony makes it look cozy. Metal wrought iron railings give the balcony the French style look. Bean bags or wooden furniture give the space a relaxed atmosphere. Wooden benches can be a perfect combination with wood flower boxes in Feng Shui style. Vintage or rustic designs allow flower boxes made ​​of metal.

Balcony ideas – interesting color combinations

small balcony design ideas plant screening

Blue, orange, even red will emphasize a Scandinavian decor. Those who rather want a classic balcony, can stick to white paint. Feng Shui designs accents the wood color – but choose all the furniture and flooring so that they match each other. Set the flower boxes so that they provide refreshment. The important thing is to select the right plants. In Feng Shui style, the lawn is actually preferred. Scandinavian style allows freedom of choice. You can hang the flower pots directly to the railings, or arrange on a shelf. Different plant heights, and colors will set the tone and give a small balcony more volume. Let these proposals inspire you and probably you might find a design in the fantastic balcony design ideas that you can also set up at home.

Wrought iron railings and many plants for classic style

small balcony design ideas large flower pots iron railings

Small balcony design

Small balcony design ideas furniture flower boxes

 Balcony in Feng Shui style and wooden flower boxes

Balcony Feng Shui style decoration wooden railing flooring

 Decorative wall with flower boxes on the balcony

creative flower boxes balcony DIY decorating ideas

 Flower pots made ​​of sheet metal – Vintage style balcony in blue color

creative ideas balcony wooden floor blue color

Folding chairs save space

Planters small balcony decoration ideas

Vintage style design idea

Balcony awning privacy flower boxes wooden floor lawn

Wooden bench and Ikea-inspired design

Balcony Design Ideas Ikea flower boxes Carpet

Green plants and wooden furniture add a cozy atmosphere

small balcony design ideas metal railing planter

 Flower planters made ​​of wood

French balcony design flower boxes railings

 Fresh flowers add a certain charm to the balcony

Small balcony breakfast beautifu view metal railings


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