Fantastic Flower Power Chair Planters Ideas

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Modern garden ideas

The idea of turning old battered chairs into fantastic garden planters definitely has a touch of the Surreal about it, or maybe it could be considered a playful homage to the Pop Art movement, which presented the world with fascinating and novel representations of domestic objects.

Whatever the thinking behind the flower power chair planters, you could be sitting pretty with these in your garden, terrace or balcony.


How to Create Pretty but Wacky Planters from Old Chairs

Flower power chair planter 

Chairs are an essential part of life and we take for granted their availability and obvious function, but they do not last for ever.  Once a chair has past its prime, and its legs start to buckle or its seat collapses, it will often be consigned to the scrap heap of life.  However, even when a chair cannot function as a chair, it may still have appeal and can be easily converted into something else.  This gallery shows how a whole range of old retired chairs have been given a new lease of life as fantastic flower power chair planters.


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