Creating a rock garden design – 20 fascinating ideas


fascinating pebble rock garden design natural stone moss arrangement

To create a really beautiful rock garden design, we can use a variety of decorative rocks. We must first choose the style of garden that inspires us. This is not an easy task because it depends on the natural environment of our garden. For example, you can use the type of stone that is naturally found on the site. You may also want a Japanese garden with decorative stones arranged by a specialist.

What to consider when we start planning a rock garden design

 beautiful miniature rock garden design home exterior accent

If you choose your own stones, be careful that they are not in a state of erosion. They must also be large enough to be half-buried in the ground. Whether you use decorative stones found near you or purchased from a gardener, consider the overall appearance of your rock garden design. Do you want a flat or terraced garden with rock arrangements? Some projects, such as garden terraces require an intervention of a specialist, because it is a job that requires changing the structure of the site. On the other hand, we must consider the types of flowers and vegetation cohabiting with stone.

 Types of plants for a beautiful rock garden design

asian style rock garden colorful plants massive rocks composition

For a nice presentation, choose massive decorative rocks so that the largest part would remain buried. You will need beautiful massive stones of rough finish, gravel surface which spreads around plants, fertile ground maintained by adding fertilizer. It is advisable to focus on spreading plants, shrubs and herbs which are used to the climate in your area. Species like bellflower, silver basket, gentian, dwarf carnations, phlox, sedum, pine, Japanese maple, cotoneaster and various aroma herbs – oregano, lavender, thyme – shall be a good choice. You need to arrange the rocks in a harmonious way and in compliance with the rest of the garden elements – stairs, paths, etc. Look at the gallery and find an inspiration for your own stylish rock garden design!

How to choose the shape of the rocks?

zen rock garden design raked pebbles decorative rocks green border

The shapes of the rocks draw the attention of the viewer. It is best if you used the rocks in groups, then they create a harmony. However, if you wanted to create a rock garden in which the rocks are admired individually, the choice of a suitable form is extremely important. When selecting the stone it is also necessary to take into account the natural character of the stone. It is advisable to look for rocks with moss or ones with old look which is a result of exposure to wind and rain.

 Succulents feel good in a rock garden

original landscape ideas rock garden design succulents

 A border in a rock garden

rock garden design ideas gravel border

 Modern home with a marvelous rock garden design

contemporary home rock garden minimalist design rocks gravel composition

 A fascinating rock garden

perfect zen rock garden gravel rocks arrangement

 Small Asian style accent in the garden with stone scultpures

original landscape rock balance sculptures garden accent element

 Asian style garden design on a slope terrain

natural slope rock garden idea low plants

 An idea for a path

landscape ideas original path in rock garden

 A variety of plants and rocks

landscape design asian style variety plants decorative rocks

japanese style rock garden plants terrace

modern home exterior design ideas garden stairs gravel

garden design ideas decorative stones path stone slabs

creative slope garden design asian style rocks plants

rock garden design idea front yard path stones plants

beautiful asian style rock garden design massive rocks

artistic decorative stones rock garden design plants

slope garden design idea decorative stones asian style


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