34 brilliant ideas for an attractive bamboo garden fence

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The bamboo garden fence is much more than just a decoration – it offers privacy in the garden. What design options to choose from are, and what needs to be considered when building a bamboo fence, you may find useful information in this article.

Keeping the privacy with the help of an attractive bamboo garden fence

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Bamboo is actually a grass that can reach over 10 meters in height. Today, over 1060 species of bamboo are known. The material is very light and frost resistant – so a fence made ​​of bamboo needs no additional treatment and is a very cost effective alternative to wooden or metal fence. Just like stainless steel construction, bamboo is considered to be particularly stable. A huge variety of bamboo species is offered on the market with different sizes and with different diameters – so everyone can choose something suitable. The bamboo garden fence can be manufactured according to customer dimensions, or be purchased in prefabricated elements. The individual parts are then assembled on site. Thanks to this privacy in the garden, the garden owners can relax outdoors.

Privacy in the garden – what to look for when building a bamboo garden fence

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If you have already decided to use a bamboo garden fence or landscape bamboo plants as a screen in the garden you should keep in mind that bamboo is considered as a flammable material. Therefore, experts do not recommend to build an open fireplace in proximity to such a garden fence.  Bamboo is considered as hardwood and if you plan to build such a garden fence by yourself you need to be patient. A helpful hint is that individual bamboo tubes can be joined together without drilling but with iron wire.

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Bamboo offers many advantages and one of them is its lightweight. Another great advantage is the easy maintenance. Bamboo fences require minimal effort and are easily washed with just water. Water does not have a negative effect on bamboo, and is good enough to maintain the fence. In addition, bamboo has excellent resistance to various insects which guarantees a long lifespan for your fence or privacy screens. Bamboo works with many design styles, but regardless of the style, you can be certain that the fence will give a unique character to your garden.

 Bamboo garden fence and wooden sundeck

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 The garden fence attracts the attention in a Japanese style garden

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Bamboo fence as a privacy screen

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 Creative bamboo garden fence for the patio

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 Privacy for the balcony

Garden shield decorating ideas bamboo furniture high garden fence

 Small garden design with bamboo fence

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Bamboo fence panels in wooden frames

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