Garden designs – A Croatian Garden Paradise in a Heavenly Location

Croatian Garden Paradise Designed by Landscape Architect Dave Kelly

 Croatian Garden Paradise Designed by Landscape Architect Dave Kelly

In the depths of winter, this wonderful Mediterranean garden reminds us that the warm sunny days of spring and summer are only a breath away.  A garden is a place that tells us of the seasons and connects us to the natural cycle of life.

In this case this garden makes other powerful connections.  It unites the interior of the wonderful stone house to the outside and also a domestic situation to the marvelous wildness of nature.

Sensory Croatian Garden Paradise

 Croatian Garden Paradise Designed by Dave Kelly

Of course this garden is planned and landscaped but the human intervention has been subtly modified.  The structure of the garden is clearly defined by limestone structures.  The same stone ties the garden to the architecture of the solid country house.   Planting has taken the dry coastal climate into consideration.  The soft profiles of swathes of rosemary and lavender bushes contrast wonderfully with the rugged rustic masonry and in turn the spiky exotic yucca plants.

Croatian Garden Paradise Designed by Dave Kelly - Perfect relax

This Croatian garden paradise is designed to please all the senses, the tactile qualities are immediately apparent and the fragrant plants release wonderful scents when brushed against.  The planting enhances the gentle geometry of areas such as the arbor which was built to support succulent grape vines.   Elegant Cyprus trees echo the vertical elements of the columns and entrances.  In contrast gnarled old olive trees twist and turn, embracing the wildness of the region.  Color has not been forgotten here.  Nestling in amongst the abundant greenery, citrus plants, drought tolerant shrubs and delicate blossoms add vibrancy from early spring through to late autumn.  Of course the sense of taste is also catered for here with the fruit trees and herb bushes providing rich pickings for the gourmet table.

This Croatian Garden Paradise is Perfect for Relaxation

Garden Paradise Designed by Landscape architect Dave Kelly

There is a romantic untamed quality to this garden that imbues it with a serene relaxed atmosphere.  It makes immediate reference to the surrounding coastal vistas in a way that a more rigid planting scheme wouldn’t be capable of.  Tantalizing views of the azure sea, clear blue sky and coastline are framed by sensitive planting, whether viewed from inside the old house or from one of the many gorgeous sun terraces.

 Paradise garden - landscape design Dave Kelly

There probably couldn’t be a more fabulous place for relaxing in and sharing magical times with friends and family.  Fantastic in the daytime it must be absolutely magical illuminated at night.  This lovely place is truly a Croatian garden paradise on earth.

Photos by: Scott Frances

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Landscape architect – Dave Kelly








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