Fascinating Garden Furniture from ‘Design Miami’


Miami exhibition for garden designs

Each December Miami Beach becomes the glamorous venue for the prestigious Design Miami exhibition. At the show there were a number of outstanding items of fascinating garden furniture from the younger generation of up and coming designers.

  These showed refreshing ingenuity in styling materials that are weather resistant.

Fascinating Garden Furniture from ‘Design Miami’

Stylish garden furniture ideas on Miami exhibition

These days resin is a particularly popular choice in making outdoor furniture. The unique properties of this material have been exploited to the full by the companies Snarkitecture and Nucleo.  These firms are cleverly using resin to fuse a sense of the organic with obvious manmade elements. Snarkitecture is based in Brooklyn and their installation totally transformed the entrance to Design Miami into an intriguing white cavern type space complete with numerous white inflatable tubes suspended from the ceiling.  The same company also created a collection of fascinating garden furniture including shelves, a bench, and a table. These were cast from a mix of marble dust and resin.  The resulting outdoor pieces appear white, pristine and clearly defined.  However, these items have also been made to look as though they are eroding away, making a visual statement about the passing of time.

Garden Furniture Design


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The concept of time is also imp licit in the work of Nucleo whose designers Piergiorgio Robino and Stefania Fersini, create cast-resin furniture. Include in their Resinite series is the stunning Resin Fossil dining table.  This impressive piece is cast in pale yellows and its form has been inspired by geological formations. According to Amman, who exhibited this piece, the concept behind the design incorporates an “imprint of the future” or a “fossil of itself”. This is an ethereal example of fascinating garden furniture and would look wonderful in a somewhat wild or overgrown garden or back yard.

 History Continues to Inspire Fascinating Garden Furniture

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The Lathe X Bench initially seems more traditional as a garden furniture design, it is by Sebastian Brajkovic of Amsterdam.  In many ways this piece is also as experimental and evocative as the resin examples shown before. The ornate metal work is reminiscent of the 19th century and this bench was originally created for a show at Sudeley Castle in England. Here you can see that Brajkovic fashions his materials in subtly unusual ways. This bench has been made by uniting two chairs to form seats that are juxtaposed at different angles to one another.

Remarkable Garden Furniture

Miami exhibition - garden furniture ideas

Not everything at this exhibition is new. Also on show were notable examples of vintage work like this remarkable garden vase by Danish designer Axel Salto.  This piece dates from the 1940s and is made from a dense green stoneware which appears to be encased in twisting vines.  The organic ornamentation looks as natural as any well established garden specimen.  Imagine having a vase like this to add impact your own fascinating garden furniture collection on your patio or lawn.

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Beautiful garden vase

This is only a small sample of the wonderful works on show at Miami Design, but it may whet your appetite to explore some of these great designers and their ideas further.


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