Benefits of hydroponic gardening – ideas for beginners

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Although hydroponic gardening is known from ancient times, it is still considered as an innovative form of gardening. This method allows growing fruits and vegetables without soil and more important, on a limited space. Of course, when we talk about gardening, no matter traditional or innovative, we still need to put some efforts and attention if we want to have healthy plants.

Hydroponic gardening – tips and ideas for beginners

Hydroponic plants ideas tomatoes vegetable garden ideas

Once you have decided to start your own garden using hydroponic methods you should consider some factors in advance. Humidity, air circulation and temperature are amongst the most important conditions for the plants. Depending on what plants you plan to grow, you have to create a suitable environment. Some plants grow well in a cooler environment, some require higher temperature and humidity. Nutrients and fertilizers are the next step you need to consider. It is always advisable to use organic nutrients for your hydroponic garden. Plants need different and various nutrients and among these are phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, etc. The right amount of nutrients is essential for healthy growth of your plants. Another very important factor for the hydroponic gardening is lighting. Every plant needs a sufficient amount of light for a proper growth.

Hydroponic gardening – what plants are suitable for growing

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Gardeners with little experience in hydroponic gardening should start with something small. Herbs would be the perfect beginning. Basil grows exceptionally well, as well as chives, mint, oregano, rosemary, dill, etc. Lettuce and many other leafy greens – chard, spinach and cabbage also grow very well in hydroponic gardens. Strawberries and raspberries are excellent hydroponic plants. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and peas are also suitable for growing but they require some additional support. The support usually is provided by vertically-tied strings.


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Beginner gardeners should know that the most convenient way to grow plants hydroponically is the use of special containers of foam cells filled with mineral wool. The containers are immersed in the nutrient solution and gardeners are certain that their plants will receive the necessary amount of water. You can buy plants that have been hydroponically grown and this is the best way to start your garden. Once you understand how easy it is to care for hydroponic plants you will be able to arrange beautiful gardens and grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Basil and other herbs are ideal for hydroponic gardening

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 Growing pepper in hydroponic garden

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 Celery in a hydroponic farm

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Hydroponic gardening requires knowledge and attention

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 Vertical vegetable garden

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A strawberry garden

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Eggplant in a hydroponic garden

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hydroponic gardening ideas tips for beginners

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