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Bamboo fencing ideas keep getting more and more popular and are a growing trend when we talk about garden fences ideas. A bamboo fence is beautiful, light and easy to make. Fences, made of of natural materials are not only beautiful but also very functional. Many people prefer them and for a good reason. Working with them is quick and easy, they are sustainable and in addition give an exotic touch to the atmosphere in the yard.

 Bamboo fencing panels – an eco-friendly solution with high aesthetics

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Bamboo fencing panels are an ecological and functional option for your garden fence as bamboo is a fast growing grass and not wood. Bamboo is the most environmentally sustainable material since it grows rapidly and is a renewable resource that is strong and durable and that is why bamboo landscaping is getting so popular. The green trend in design takes an advantage and offers great solutions for bamboo fences with respect to environmental awareness. Compared to other plant and wood species bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen. In addition to that, bamboo is almost as strong as steel. The visual aesthetics of bamboo is indisputable. A bamboo fence can transform the yard and give a unique and elegant look to the outdoor space.

 How to choose bamboo fencing panels for the garden?

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The exotic and attractive appearance of bamboo makes it a desirable option as a privacy screen and many yard fence ideas use bamboo. The natural finish of bamboo is beautiful and with age it gets a charming silvery sheen. Of course, bamboo fencing panels can be stained and you can customize the color to fit your exterior design or your personal taste. A great advantage of bamboo fences is that they are suitable for various climate conditions. Bamboo fences are resistant to excessive heat, ultraviolet rays, rain or snow. When choosing bamboo fencing for your patio or garden, you need to know that there are some drawbacks as well. Bamboo can be susceptible to rot and that is why it requires sealant and waterproof coating.  Another disadvantage is the tendency to crack or split as a result of exposure to severe weather conditions. However, it is still worth having a bamboo fence as it requires minimal maintenance and care, it is long lasting and durable and has a valuable visual appeal.

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There are several types of bamboo fences. The first type features polls fastened together with wire. This type of fence is considered as the simplest one. Another type of bamboo fence is the one with fencing panels. The panels are mounted on poles located at a certain distance. Of course, bamboo rolls are also quite popular and easy to install on existing polls. Thanks to the flexibility and ease of installation, these fences can be easily dismantled and moved to another location.


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