Vanguard furniture design ideas by the Dupoux Design Studio


Vanguard furniture design ideas can be easily found in any furniture shop or a furniture manufacturer store today.

Though, there are such vanguard furniture design ideas that cannot be classified or defined by any factor or features. These conceptions are unique, original, and unprecedented. These furniture conceptions are usually chosen by the biggest and the most fashionable public amenities such as refined restaurants, ultra modern cafes, and super cool night clubs. Some of these furniture models, are actually, made by the new leaders in vanguard furniture design ideas creators – the designers from the Dupoux Design Studio.

Dupoux Design Studio – furniture ideas

Besides doing their best for the renovation and the creation of the most incredible public hot spots, the professionals from the Dupoux Design Studio are also manufacturing their pieces of furniture. You can find anything you need or anything you do not need, but really desire to have at home as a special décor among the products with the Dupoux special trademark. However, each of these vanguard furniture design ideas is limited edition that can definitely serves the role of the core in a house or a bar.

Vanguard furniture design ideas in the Buddha Bar interior

Vanguard furniture design ideas by the Dupoux Design Studio

The Buddha Bar interior conceptions is, of course, oriental, provocative, and shining. The pieces of furniture in this conception are screaming and exclusive, as well. The authentic wooden tables are made by the finest and the most precise woodworkers, who made the engraved ornaments by hand, too. The seats are covered with the classical plush and silk damasks, which are colored in hot chocolate and warm beige colors in order to preserve the peaceful and enigmatic atmosphere. The big sofas are decorated with flowers and curved lines and they are cute for the big resemblances with the traditional home furniture we have in our living rooms.

Vanguard Interior design ideas by the Dupoux Design Studio

Vanguard furniture design ideas in the Nylo Hotels

Vanguard Interior design NYLO HOTEL by the Dupoux Design Studio

The Nylo Hotel range is popular among the entire globe. The creators behind these lovely single apartments and family studios are the Dupoux Studio designers again. Here, they rely on the comfortableness and the simplicity that are close to the warm domestic atmosphere. Though, the abundance of the vanguard furniture design ideas in the rooms that incorporate the Nylo Hotels are used for contrasts and accents in the interior conceptions. The minimalist beds are made in weird shapes, but from classical teak wooden materials and totally healthy and cozy cotton covers welcome the guests of the hotels. The large apartments in any Nylo Hotel consist of separated office and child areas. They are furnished with convenient office equipments and child playgrounds that share a bed, a game area and a little decorative table with an armchair for intellectual activities.

Vanguard furniture design ideas in the Pacifica Restaurant

Vanguard furniture design ideas in the Pacifica Restaurant

The brilliant and totally gorgeous Pacifica Restaurant is situated in the Mandarin Oriental. The exclusive vanguard furniture design ideas that are used for the affable atmosphere in the dining saloons are hybrids between the Gothic style and the contemporary minimalist conceptions for seats, tables, and bar plots. The high chairs are made from qualitative wooden materials and they are covered with soft damask and real leather pieces. The café tables are arranged in a strict line, but their fascination can be easily observed even from the entrance of the restaurant.

Vanguard furniture design ideas – Nialia Collection

Vanguard furniture design ideas – Nialia Collection Dupoux-Design-Studio

One of the newest vanguard furniture design ideas collection by the Dupoux Studio is the Nialia collection. Gathering at one place the newest flows and trends that the designers have accepted as their leading mottos, the elements here form an absolute perfection for the home harmonious lifestyle. The bedroom is both – classical and minimalist, but the ethereal curtain above the bed puts a modernized renaissance air. The irregular shapes can be easily observed in the bedroom of the Nialia Collection, too – look at this sweet and elegant bedside table and transfer your look to the set of furniture that is placed on the balcony. The small bathroom is balanced with the sleekest lines – the classical tub is collaborating with the Japanese-styled rack. The living room, on the other hand shows a large abundance of routine and slipshod furniture. The simple couch is matched with the original stools, which imitate cones, and the elegant shelf is combined with a white girlish pendant that is the main décor in the room.


Sultan Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental

 Sultan Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental Dupoux-Design-Studio

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