Ultra Modern Furniture – By Philip Mambretti for Samarreda’


Recycled wood chairs by Samarreda

Totally ‘now’, fabulously stylish and definitely for the discerning customer, this range of furniture designed by Philip Mambretti of Samarreda is not only elegant and flexible it is also completely ‘eco’ friendly. Samarreda have manufactured this range using only recycled wood products, in keeping with current social concerns regarding environmental sustainability. This tasteful range of chairs is yet another example of the interface between Art and Craft becoming virtually nonexistent. Sculptural, subtle and evocative of natural forms, this furniture would sit equally well in a leading Art gallery or a contemporary living room.

Minimal forms recycled chairs


Minimal forms recycled chairs

They are simple yet powerful celebrations of the beauty to be enjoyed in minimal forms. In essence these chairs are reminiscent of the work of the inspirational sculptor Peter Randall – Page . The furniture has volume but not weight so appear delicate rather than clumsy. The slatted construction method means that the gaps are as important as the solid elements creating an eye catching shifting pattern as light interacts with the forms. As you move around each piece you will see this effect become more pronounced as your physical relationship to the furniture alters.

Recycled wood chairs design


Samarreda recycled wood chairs design

But remembering that these are functional pieces, the gentle inviting forms are designed for sitting or lounging in comfortably. Neutral in colour, these chairs would suit a wide range of decorative schemes. They could be used inside the home or in external areas in the garden or by a pool. These sophisticated ‘Fima’ chairs are created using a type of particleboard that is not only ‘ecologically safe’, but highly durable, therefore, this seating could give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Elegant recycled wooden chair


Elegant recycled wooden chair

The whole production process ensures the least possible impact on the natural environment. Surprisingly, despite the high quality of the design and the sensitive manufacture, these chairs are very affordable. So you can be kind to your home, the natural environment and your pocket all at the same time.

Three dimensional furniture design


Three dimensional furniture design

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