Minimalist House Furniture Ideas from MDF Italia

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Shelving Systems for the Minimalist House from MDF Italia

At the heart of the minimalist house is clean style. According to French architect Le Corbusier house is a machine for living, so you have a pure form. For minimalist furniture style is characterized by geometric lines. They are in the shape of a cube, sphere and rectangular. There are not any unnecessary items and decorations. The furniture are few and make the space more spacious. Everything is cleared almost to sterility. Design in minimalist house is made with only the most necessary furniture.

The design in the minimalist house using the shelving system. In some cases shelves occupy the entire wall. They successfully take on the role of the family library and books are arranged. There are spot for fine works of art and beautiful souvenirs. Some of the cabinets have doors are closed and others open. They are a combination of modular elements are and mounted asymmetrically. This yields a sense of dynamics. Other cabinets in the minimalist house are small and have only a few elements. The ratio between open and closed shelves may vary and is dependent on the will and needs of people. They may be placed on the wall width or height. The shelves are practical and are very suitable for furniture minimalist house.

Shelving Systems for the Minimalist House from MDF Italia

Near for the shelving system of minimalist house are usually comfortable chairs and a table in clear forms. The combination of modern style furniture have a place for relaxation after a busy day and is a great place to read. The flooring and walls are in harmony with the shelving system. Their colors are in harmony with the furniture. In minimalist house dominated by natural materials. Preferred is wood furniture in the room. Sometimes is natural in color, but more often is painted white. The purity of shapes, colors and materials are typical for design minimalist house.

The colors in minimalist house not very. Preferred is the white. Sometimes is also used black and gray in addition to white. These colors combined with the use of glass and mirrors give completeness of design in minimalist house.

Text by Dani Alexandrova

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