31 Lounge Room Furniture Ideas


Lounge Room Day Bed  from Nido 

It’s great to organize your home lounge rooms! This is your place to relax, talk, read, a cup of tea or a cocktail. Everyone feels the need of a little peace and solitude after a busy day. Lounge rooms is synonymous with relaxation and provides positive emotions. Comfortable lounges and designer beds are located in the most pleasant and beautiful places in the house. They may be near the fireplace, opposite the TV, the pool or on the terrace near the window from which a magnificent view. You can invite friends, with whom to share the pleasant atmosphere in the lounge rooms.

Lounge Room Furniture – Day Bed T(w)ogether of mobilia collection


Lounge Room – Day Bed T(w)ogether of mobilia collection

The furniture in the lounge rooms are few and only the most necessary. Required are comfortable lounges. Attractive design models bring comfort and unconventional design at home. The market offers furniture for the lounge rooms in different patterns and colors. Great variety of materials for them. Textiles, wood, rattan, aluminum or leather-trim and materials are chosen by the customer. The natural materials ensure comfort. Colors are selected to provide peace and relaxation. Dominate the neutral and earth tones. Bright accents create a pleasant atmosphere in the lounge rooms.

Lounge room furniture Day Bed Line of Bolzan Letti


Lounge room furniture Day Bed Line of Bolzan Letti

The white chairs in the lounge rooms inspire style and class. The color white is associated with purity and refreshing effect. It combines perfectly with aluminum, wood in natural color or in black. Deck chairs black leather is a classic. It creates comfort and luxury in the lounge rooms. The choice of material depends on where the furniture is arranged to rest. Sunbeds are usually made of rattan or plastic. These materials are practical and easy to maintain. They are easy to move. Comfortable beds with designer cushions and pillows are great in large rooms in the house. The location of lounge rooms determines the material and beds in the lounges.



Lounge Room Day Bed Lava of COR


Famous designers have developed a unique furniture for the lounge rooms. Some models are equipped with massage appliances and radio. Raising mechanisms of the head and feet and provide comfort. The aim is to make your vacation more enjoyable. Lounge rooms may be in small apartments. In these cases, lounges fold and stow.

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Lounge Room Day Bed Global of GRASSOLER



Day Bed Fata of Bonaldo

Fresh and Modern Design Chaise Longues  for Your Lounge Room Interior


Chaiselongue of Nanoo by Faserplast



Lounge Room Furniture Ideas  Wiggleworm of Sixinch



Lounge Room Furniture Ideas  DS 151 of de Sede



Lounge Room Furniture Ideas  Sign of MDF Italia



Chaises longue Lofty of MDF Italia perfect for Your minimalist Lounge Room



Chaises longue Tumbona of FueraDentro



Chaises longue Surf of Paola Lenti



Lounge Room Furniture Ideas  Slonghè of Riva 1920



Chaises longue Model 2979 Palo of Intertime



Lounge Room Furniture Ideas MC1 acrylic glass recliner of mobilia collection



Lounge Room furniture Design – Chaises longue MaRe of team by wellis



Chaises longue Lazy of B&B Italia



Chaises longue Landscape 05 of B&B Italia



Chaises longue I Beam of Glas Italia



Chaises longue dvn  divan by Superieur


Chaises longue Day Bed of Enrico Pellizzoni



Chaises longue Cortica of DMFD Studio



Chaises longue Concave of Källemo



Chaises longue Colt of Tom Kühne



Chaises longue Colani Collection of Kusch +Co



Chaises longue Chaise Lounge of Källemo



Chaise Lounge of Loom



Chaises longue Bohemian of Moroso



Chaises longue Body Raft of Cappellini



Chaises Longue Axent of Redaelli

 Eames Lounge Chair


Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair Ottoman

 Eames Lounge Chair REVIEW

Eames Lounge Chair Manufacturing in the Vitra Atelier

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