5 minimalistic cabinets for a contemporary bathroom

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5 minimalistic cabinets for a contemporary bathroom


Bathroom furnishing design

With the lack of many options for furniture in the bathroom, people`s attention usually is pointed to find some original and creative cabinets – to show some attitude to the contemporary minimalism in the home interior design. Cabinets, as well, have some very substantial function – to gather all the things that are stored in the bathroom. And if you are a woman, you know perfectly well how many of those cosmetic and other female belongings are supposed to be accommodated somehow. These five options for the choice of cabinets for a minimalistic bathroom are both – compact and beautiful and they will both – help you with storing and decorating with fine taste of aesthetics.

Bathroom furniture by Lasa


Minimalist bathroom furniture by Lasa

The first cabinets for the bathroom are classically installed beyond the sink. The point is that here we see two sinks, respectively, two sections of the cabinets. This is a great alternative for a flat where a new couple live in – they will avoid the morning quarrels about the issue who is going to be first in the bathroom. The personal things are going to be stored separately, too. Second suggestion for some minimalistic cabinets in the bathroom is much funnier and brighter. The electric color of green or yellow – depends how anybody of you percepts it – brings some joyful mood in the room and the bathroom starts shining.

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