35 Exclusive Minimalist Space solutions Shelving Systems

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35 Exclusive Minimalist Shelving Systems

Space solutions of modern living

Space solution Shelving-Systems-Design-by-Three-One--Three-Two-of-Sawaya-&-Moroni

Modern designers develop unique space solutions, which are suitable for every home and office. People are constantly looking for more space for living. Particularly important is the daily requirement. They collected all the family, leading to calls, guests are welcome. Loaded feature set does not allow it to be packed with bulky furniture. Increasingly used in the living room shelves. They provide more space for people and create a feeling of more space and light. The space solutions in modern living room are distinguished by the use of modular shelves.

Shelving Systems by Loop of B.R.F. srl.



The living room shelves can be hung on the wall or be placed on the height or length of the floor. They have different numbers of elements and provide interesting space solutions. In today’s designs are often used in the living room shelves clean geometric lines and minimalist style. Modern space solutions require asymmetric shapes in bright colors or classic black. They are arranged books, souvenirs, exquisite works of art. The impact of the living room shelves like home gallery where shelves are illuminated by guiding rays. Many have spectacular living room shelves and glass. They make a room with ultramodern appearance and create a modern atmosphere in your home.

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