Storage solutions and saving space ideas for your home



Storage solutions and saving space ideas must be very helpful for you, if you live in a small flat or house. They can be really of benefit, if you are also living in a chaos and the ability to organize and order is not your typical characteristic. If you have your own practical and clever storage solutions and saving space ideas, you are free to share them with us.

New techniques and innovative furniture for storage solutions and saving space ideas


Contemporary furniture designers and manufacturers are here to help us with the biggest problem at home – how to save some free space and how to find a place for all the appliances, gadgets and belonging. The thing these helpful and professional people do for us is to create original conceptions for compact furniture that come with transforming functions. Manufacturers, on the other hand are expanding their collections of these kinds of furniture models, so the modern housekeepers would be eased in coping with the storing problems.

Brilliant and inventive storage solutions and saving space ideas


Starting with this lovely multifunctional piece of furniture made by the Alno team, we carry you to the contemporary world of stable and undisturbed lifestyle. This is a unique pull-out dining set, which includes several pieces of furniture in one compact construction. At first sight, the product by Alno looks like a common set of cabinets. Though, the sleek surface of the furniture makes it perfect to be used as a decorative bar plot, where a quick lunch can be prepared in no time and placing the construction in front of the TV set, you can prepare your breakfast and coffee right in front of the host of the newscast. However, the compact furniture by Alno can be easily transformed into a convenient dining table, which is built in the cabinet.

Storage solutions and a pull out bed and drawer


One of the following storage solutions and saving space ideas is appropriate for small studios, where a single premise serves the role of two or even three rooms. The improvised podium that is placed right next to one of the walls here is an easy cover for wardrobes and old cabinets, where we can stuff our belongings up. The additional wall of the podium can be also a base for the hidden bed we can build in. Furthermore, this same wall is a perfect barrier between two rooms. Mostly, people, who live in a studio with such an additional wall, use it to separate the combo between a dining room and a kitchen and the personal intimate zone, where a bedroom is organized and a small zone for living room is created. Our last recommendation for saving space in a studio, where a barrier is placed in the middle of premise, is to arrange a private place for your little kid. Moreover, a teenager needs even more some free space, so, this wall can be a perfect imaginary boarder between you, while you can still have your kid around you.

Storage solutions and saving space ideas in purple bedroom


Concealed bed


Folding bed in a studio design


Room divider with TV


Saving space ideas in a studio


Bed up Design



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