Creative wooden furniture


Creative wooden vessel for relax

Wooden furniture will stay classic and preferred by the whole audience forever. This is no accident – wood as a material for construction and workmanship plays main part in the interior and exterior design. Wood is steady and fine, it is easy to be processed and curved and this makes it loved by the designers of furniture and decoration elements for home and inside public buildings.

Wooden table


Creative wooden table

Although, wooden furniture may sound to you a little bit old fashioned. When we imagine some retro room, a massive wood table and wood ebony chairs are filling it. This is truth, but wooden furniture may be eccentric and original, too – most of all when their creators are creative and prefer to improvise than to stick to the point.

Creative wooden table


Creative wooden magazine mini table

First idea for creative wooden furniture is a mini table. It can be used for a bedside table if your bedroom is decorated in warm brown, yellow and red colors. This artistic wooden table is made from bamboo and does the function of a cabinet, too – use the two sections on the bottom of the table for arranging some books, notebooks, magazines or anything you want actually. The untraditional model of a table is attractive enough to be used as a décor in a room – mostly in the living room.

Creative wooden shelves design


Creative natural wooden furniture shelves design

Wooden section constructed from more than ten shelves for different kinds of things and belongings is compact and convenient. We can say that for sure not only because it is able to accommodate lot of stuffs but also, because we can easily move it from place to place – depends on your own needs and on the fact where you spend more time at home during one or another period of your life.

Creative wooden chair


Creative wooden chair

That chair is handmade and it is impressing with some surrealistic and abstract artistry. People whose jobs are connected with art will definitely buy it for the living room and why not even for the minimalistic bedroom they inhabit. The original idea of this wooden chair which can be also an arm chair but without traditional soft damask is finished with a hole in the back. Looks crazy? That is the idea

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