Stylish bedroom furniture by Cinova Busnelli


Do you feel like your bedroom needs something special? Something both elegant and cozy that will change your space for good. If you think it is time to change and bringing some classic touch to your bedroom atmosphere, sounds like the right thing then you should look for a classic design bed. That kind of bed would surely introduce the good old classical romance in your bedroom. There is nothing more special than satin sheets and sensual folds falling dramatically from the bed’s headboard. If we already have your attention then you should check out this modern interpretation of old world stylish bedroom furniture by Cinova Busnelli. It is an ideal transition of old style into the present featuring embellished, tufted headboard and handmade with cool, sensual folds.

White stylish bedroom furniture design by Cinova Busnelli


The folds are falling down to the floor from the headboard and frame. The plush dressing brings this emotional atmosphere that will satisfy your senses and change the look of the whole bedroom. You are able to choose from removable woven-fabric draping to leather depending on your taste. The bed is made of plywood and particleboard and padded with polyurethane foam (CFC-free) and 100 per cent polyester fiber. Besides that you can customize the bed with its adjustable height to suit your space. You can sleep comfortably by making this classic bed high up or down low. What you can do in addition is to combine the bed with the Bohemian sofa which will surely guarantee to your bedroom a cool new look. For more information you can check out the website of the Italian company Cinova Busnelli. Bring some classical romance in your bedroom with this beautiful Bohemian bed. You won’t be disappointed as its whole idea is to make your living and sleeping easier as its stylish bedroom furniture design is suited to your convenience.

Bedroom furniture by Cinova Busnelli


Modern bedroom furniture by Cinova Busnelli


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