Modern living room furniture – Corbeille Sofa by Edra

Posted on 04/10/2011 Author: . Under: Furniture Design


How about a big fluffy living room furniture with a casual-contemporary look? Sounds interesting as sofas are important pieces of furniture in our home. It is the ideal spot to lounge with some friends in the living area or just relax while watching TV. They are able to change our living room’s atmosphere depending on their look and functionality. They can vary from minimalist modern design to a classic design, but here is something special. Dubbed as Corbeille Sofa and designed by Francesco Binfare for Edra, this cozy sofa will surely grab your attention. It is an invitingly soft sofa with a design that provides extra comfort due to some extra large sofa cushions.

Modern living room furniture – Corbeille Sofa by Edra


Forget “less is more” as you can sink into the fluffy pillows of the modern living room furniture – one different from the other which gives a characteristic look of over sized and luxurious abundance. You can easily drown in these soft cushions! The frame is made from a weave of metal tubing. The sofa’s woven metal structure forms a basket shape which adds to the flexibility of the elegant piece. The frame and cushions are finished in the same color, and you can choose whether you want fabric or leather upholstery.

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