Luxurious and Pioneering Modern Bathroom Ideas


We present you  a ground-breaking company renowned for designing and producing luxurious bathrooms of the most innovative and stylish quality.

  Established 1n 1972, Teuco hit the ground running with its pioneering modern bathroom ideas.  Their success is down to:

Untiring creativity, a propensity for new ideas, painstaking design, ergonomic appeal and choice materials: these are the inspiring principles of Teuco. A brand that has continuously anticipated trends and techniques, a story of innovation filled with a host of major international acknowledgements. Teuco’s many patents make whirlpool history and, in just a few years, the brand becomes one of the world leaders of well-being.”

Pioneering Modern Bathroom Ideas lead the Market


Since its launch Teuco has been a market leader in producing many pioneering modern bathroom ideas such as the Doccia Tonda, a round shower made of colored methacrylate, first created in 1974, This vibrant design was included amongst the MoMA contemporary lifestyle exhibits.  Again, in 1980, Teuco enhanced  the functionality and comfort of showers and bathtubs by the introduction of electronics. The first Turkish bath in an enclosure is launched at this time.  15 years later Teuco was still making technological ripples with the patent of the Hydrosonic® whirlpool bath which incorporated the health benefits of high frequency sound waves.

Introducing Greater Variety in Pioneering Modern Bathroom Designs


Ready for a new millennium, Teuco introduced the ‘Evolution’ shower by leading designer Fabio Lenci.  This was the revolutionary all-glass shower design.  Significant innovations and accolades were to follow and then, in 2010, Teuco made the important decision to focus on a “total designer” look for its future bathrooms. This popular move led to the development of a greater variety of bathroom designs than before to satisfy all interior design tastes. The new expanded range includes the luxurious: Kinea, Nauha, Paper and Outline collections.

Teuco’s creative energy never ceases, this year the company has perfected a new idea that incorporates the Inside Out modular furniture, designed by Carlo Colombo.  This elegant, sleek and functional bathroom system provides the perfect balance of form and function.  It offers the public a versatile and totally customizable solution for personalizing their bathrooms.  This enhanced flexibility is due to the modular construction and fantastic range of available colors.  So now Teuco’s pioneering modern bathroom ideas are a realistic option for any home.

by Jaz

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Luxury and innovative bathroom design


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