Leaf folding chair – a functional piece of art


The designer of Folditure Alexander Gendell is the author of an interesting project, inspired by his travels. The idea of the painter is to create a design, which is not only functional, but also original and aesthetic.

Leaf  folding chair can be used in the dining room, as well as in the living room, office and in the open or just simply as an expression of art.

Leaf folding chair in the living room


Most people do not expect to find comfort in the folding part of the furnishing, but the Leaf folding chair will surprise them with the opportunities, which it offers. The backrest is tall, ergonomic, in order to support the back on its entire length. The seat is relaxing, made from a firm thread.

Leaf folding chair technology


Leaf is a chair for dining and, unlike most folding chairs, it is created in a way that it looks good around a dining table. It is actually that good, that it probably won’t be necessary to be folded and put away, because when it stops performing its main function, Leaf is perceived as a work of art with its complicated and original shape, its non-standard appearance and its elegant presence in the interior. Leaf folding chair masterfully fits in to any interior, but at the same time it performs the role of a main element in it or can even create a single form of it.


An aluminium composite frame of it with from stainless steel, stainless steel hinges, used in airplane building, and other quality materials, resistant to meteorological conditions, have set themselves as the most suitable choice in the process of creating Leaf. The Leaf folding chair can be easily adapted to any interior, while the use of suitable threads answers to every colour scheme.




B. Angelov

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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