Fabulous eclectic furniture collection by Moroso


 Are you tired of the same boring furniture? Maybe you’ve always wanted something fresh, new and modernistic. You probably think outside of the box and you don’t really understand what others mean by “appropriate” or “sophisticated”. If you are that kind of a person, then this article is for you. Unleash your imagination and take a look at this fabulous eclectic furniture collection by Moroso. The collection by Moroso is one of the most incredible, funky –style collections this year. If you are looking for something different and catchy then this furniture is just for you. The Netherlands designer – Edward van Vliet gives a unique design solution and offers a lively atmosphere for every home through the Button Down Collection by Moroso. These modern patterns are very suitable for a futuristic interior. The design of the sofa is very casual and comfortable, and yet it is so unique with its futuristic colorful texture.

Eclectic furniture collection – armchair  from Moroso


The eclectic furniture collection is as alluring as its name. It is also suitable for your office interior, depending on your profession. This furniture is absolutely perfect for artists. It sends the message right away. The side tables are available in different colors, sizes and shapes. You can see in the picture how good they pair up with the sofas and the chairs. These unique pieces of furniture can lighten up your day.  If you feel sad or if it wasn’t your day, coming home and just looking at this fabulous interior design solution, will lighten up your mood, and you will feel refreshed. The great colorful mixture is specially designed to bring positive vibes to any kind of colorful, modern interior.

Eclectic furniture collection for the living room


Sofa from Moroso


Coffee table




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