Versace Home Collection 2012 – Fusion of fashion and interiour


We’ve all heard of the famous Italian Versace brand – a modern design company that has turned into an empire with strong influence and traditions in the business. But what we mostly know about it is of its great success in the fashion industry and its expensive Italian boutiques all around the world. Truth is that there is a lot more to the company than just fashion design and that is proved by the outstanding Versace Home Collection 2012.

Versace Home Collection 2012 – fashion und home accessories


Founded in 1978 in Milan by Gianni Versace the company begins to climb the stairway to success. Versace’s work includes manufacturing, distribution and retail of luxury products including a wide range of fields. The key to the firm’s work is innovative design ideas brought to life by careful material selection and exquisite craftsmanship. That philosophy also applies to the Versace Home Collection created in 1992. Driven by his passionate interest of various types of art designer Gianni Versace proved to be so creative he had to experiment in different fields. It was only natural for him to begin his own interior design collection as an extension of his interest in art’s many forms.

Versace Home Collection 2012 –  vivid colors and strong details


The Versace Home Collection  2012 has an interesting concept for its design: it gets together various types of styles and unites them in a bold modern environment. The main sources of the company’s inspiration are Neoclassicism, Baroque and Modern – three very different styles that are masterly blended to create the unique kind of atmosphere of the Versace world. What’s special in the Versace Home Collection 2012 is the use of fine quality materials in bold design ideas that suggest vibrant colors as well as strong details and decoration. The design sets an atmosphere that is very modern, clean and minimalist but also has some classical reference like the baroque details, the golden and silver elements, the velvets, silks and other classical materials that bring the vintage into the modern.

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Versace Home Collection 2012 – mirrored surfaces



Versace Home Collection 2012 elegant pattern


Versace Home Collection 2012 black bedroom


By K.H.Hristova

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov