Modern furniture design – Hug chair by Gabriella Asztalos


A piece of excellent modern furniture design – the “Hug Chair” has a unique circular continuous structure. It’s a “Hug” that’s turned into a very stylish and comfortable seating solution for two people. It allows them to sit close together and have an isolated, intimate conversation. The Hug chair is more than just a chair. It is very unusual and eye catching. It has an amazing appearance, exceptional quality and durability. It’s perfect for large halls, living rooms or even bedrooms. The Hug Chair is available in two editions: The classic and the contemporary. Both have real quality leather. The leather is offered in different shades. The classic edition features a walnut outer layer and the contemporary is made out of fibreglass – black or white.

Modern furniture design by Gabriella Asztalos


The extraordinary shape of the Hug Chair embodies the form the wrapping arms in a hug, but that’s not the only reason it is so desirable. When you look at it from one side, The Hug Chair also represents a circle. The circle is one of the most natural forms in nature. If you continue the structure of “The Hug” in your mind you will be able to see a spiral. This shape has inspired many artists and mathematicians throughout the ages. Spirals are everywhere in nature – from DNA structure to seashells. Gabriella Asztalos, the artist who created this modern furniture design, has also been inspired of this amazing, natural form.

Modern furniture design inspired by nature


Gabriella Asztalos was born in Budapest but studied all over Europe. Before she specialized in design, she was a professional classic ballet dancer. This experience gave her an advantage when she started studying design. Gabriella has a very exceptional way of re-creating the human form and nature’s most perfect shape. When she designed the Hug Chair she managed to combine nature, togetherness, intimacy, feelings, and emotions into one magnificent work of art.


Unique furniture design by Gabriella Asztalos


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