Modern design dining table by Extremis

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The concept of that modern design dining table by Extremis is “togetherness”. That’s why all of their products are related to this motto. They create furniture that brings togetherness. The picnic table and bench combo, called “PicNik” for short, is just another beautiful creation of the concept of bringing people together. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor interior. You can place it in your backyard or in your dining room. It is very popular for outdoor public places, and it is also a great picnic table for a balcony. This modern design dining picnic table is perfect for two people having a meal, working on a lap top, or just having a face to face chat.

Modern design dining table and the “togetherness” idea


This eye-catching, two-seat, modern design dining table is literary a piece of art. It’s so compatible you can place it absolutely anywhere you want. It integrates perfectly with the surrounding interior. The design is simple, but also very unique. The picnic outdoor table is offered in four different colors – red, white, sky blue, earth. With a glossy finish it is available in black, white, red or personalized – with stickers or paint. You should have in mind that darker colors become very hot when exposed in the sun. If you are picking a PicNik for your outdoor, make sure you get it in a lighter color. Because of its conical shape these modern outdoor tables are easily stackable.

Modern design dining table – indoor or outdoor


PicNick is very light-weighted. You can rearrange it any time you want. It is made of standard plate aluminum. It’s very Eco, since it is 100% recyclable, and there is no loss of material during the manufacturing process. Aluminum is the easiest material to recycle, and also one of the most common substances on Earth. This is just another advantage of this modern design dining table. When you look at PicNic, what do you see? I see comfort, beauty, and functionality – another perfect “tool of togetherness” by Extremis.



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