Modern chair design by Nuvist – Eidos chair


Nuvist is presenting a modern chair design, inspired by the forms of their famous Charme bathtub. If you’ve seen this fabulous bathtub you will notice the similarities in the ergonomic functionality and design with Eidos chair. It’s not only an eye-catching, modern piece of furniture, it is literary the embodiment of comfort, pleasure and relax. If you don’t believe me just take a seat. Because it is very light-weighted and has a practical small size, compared to other chairs, it is perfect for rearranging. It’s made out of modern materials and is extremely stable. Also, check out the bar stool, which has the same ergonomic shape.

Modern chair design – Eidos chair


The Eidos chair or bar stool is suitable for your bedroom, dining room, living room, even your hallway. It is very practical for your office, coffee place, or bar. This chair by Nuvist is available in a variety of different colors – green, blue, purple, red, brown, and many others. All of them look just amazing. This unique modern chair design can be arranged with different interior styles.

Creative modern chair design


There aren’t many chairs designed for comfort. Actually, most chairs are designed only for sitting for a short period of time. After a while, sitting in them becomes quite uncomfortable. They make you change positions from time to time or even stand up for a while, so you can relax your body. With the Eidos chair this is not the case. The continuous, three dimensional shape of the chair may seem strange and futuristic but it is, actually, designed to fit perfectly with the body form. You can sit in this chair for more than an hour feeling nothing but comfort. The Eidos chair by Nuvist is simple, beautiful, stylish and modern, and it is designed to bring comfort and pleasure to your life.

Nuvist Eidos chair


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