Handcrafted furniture by L’Origine


L’Origine is the synonym for excellence and modern perspective. The beautiful finish lines and modern approach towards the classic sophisticated style, this firm shows us a new way of combining the old and the new.

Customization is not indifferent to any of the projects, which makes the designs even more unique and desirable.

Handcrafted furniture by L’Origine for the home office


The company is famous with its incredibly innovative handcrafted furniture and techniques. The exceptional quality of their works puts them in one of the top places in the world for craftsmanship. Using the industrial system in combination with handcraft methods allows them to create artistry that goes beyond the limits of our imagination. Their handcrafted furniture pieces are not only functional and complex but they also have a very special sense of beauty and style.

Handcrafted furniture by L’Origine – Desk


The company uses basic materials, especially wood, but their unique craftsmanship is what makes those finishing lines so elegant and flexible. In this kind of work it is not only the quality of the material that makes furniture piece so valuable, it is the approach that brings it to life. That’s why L’Origine has turned handcraft into an industry and has brought back the old traditional craftsmanship under the spot light of the contemporary and modern interior design.

Handcrafted furniture – Morgan Sideboard


L’Origine creates beautiful singular pieces but also works on big projects for other design firms. Actually, the firm is not oriented into creating serialization of their different products, in order to make the handcraft industry more popular and preserve its traditions. It is the company’s belief that there is nothing as beautiful, as a high-quality handcrafted furniture piece to compliment every interior – traditional, contemporary and even a futuristic one. The uniqueness of their products is what captures and inspires many designers around the globe.  We all know that good handcrafted furniture is what makes every home, more comfortable and special.

 Handcrafted furniture by L’Origine – Ludovico table


Callas Chest of drawers


Handcrafted furniture L’Origine – dining area








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