Classic furniture design by Turati Cugini


Unique modern approach mixed with classic furniture design is probably the best way to describe the amazing works of Turati Cugini.

It is a wonderful mixture between tradition – bringing the past back to life with its authenticity and applying the new modern techniques to it. That’s what makes these designs so special and admired all over the world.

Classic furniture design by Turati Cugini – Milano collection


Turati Cugini shows us that there are no limits in imagination. Their creativity mixes all sorts of different creative solutions and combines elegance and practicality in incredible balance, creating a whole new style. The classic décors only compliment the different approaches towards a unique design. It shows that classic can be mixed with everything – eclecticism, orient style, even fashionable futuristic and contemporary designs. The talented designers capture the beauty of every traditional element and mix it with the new trends, adding the sensational feeling of luxury and their modern understanding of the contemporary concepts.

Classic furniture design by Turati Cugini – white interior


One of the best things about Turati Cugini’s designs is that they can be customized in order to satisfy the client’s needs and purposes. This customization, of course, doesn’t exclude the glamor of tradition and authenticity. On the contrary, with its beautiful designs and natural forms it complements our modern perspectives and makes us wonder where the line that separates the old and the new is. It seems as if they flow together perfectly. Combining the past the present and the future into one design piece was unimaginable before, but not anymore.

Classic furniture design by Turati Boiseries – Cambridge


Turati Cugini is for those who want to live in their own reality, in perfect harmony with their own style and obey only by their own rules. It is for people who enjoy the classics and want to have the freedom to combine them with their own perspectives and understanding of elegance, style and beauty. Turati Cugini offers designs with which we all fall in love with of first sight.

Classic furniture design by Turati Cugini


Luxor collection – Classic furniture design Turati Boiseries










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