Chairs with unusual shapes


Who said that that chairs with unusual shapes look weird or the gingerbread style is old fashioned? Lando’s Gingerbread Collection 2011 doesn’t look old fashioned.

Fairytale Chair by Lando


These fairytale chairs are all-timers. Lando’s Gingerbread chairs have unique, unusual dimensions, but they are very comfortable. This year they are offered in different colors – you can take your pick from different tones of green. When you visit Lando make sure to check out these chairs, sit in one of them and it will take you to your childhood years. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a bed time fairytale story with you.

Asymmetrical strip  CHAIR  by CASAMANIA


The Asymmetrical strip is everything but ordinary. You may put it in the category “chairs with unusual shapes”. Actually, its futuristic shape is designed to trick your eyes, the asymmetrical chair looks different from each perspective. It adapts to your retina. This chair is designed by Fabio Novembre for Casamania and it is available in many colors in matte and polished version – green, red, white, yellow, and black. The Strip chair is suitable for your home, indoor or outdoor setting, your office or coffee shop. Inspired by nature’s oval shapes and baffling curves, this chair is meant to bring you comfort and eye-pleasure. The design is very artistic and unique, but it is also very adaptable for different types of interior.

Elegant plywood chairs by Bihain


These chairs are made out of Multiplex plywood. Inspired by nature, the Belgium designer Michael Bihain, called his creation – the Mosquito chair. If you take a close look at them they really remind us of the shape of a Mosquito. Who would have thought that these bloodsucking insects will be so comfortable, right? The Elegant Plywood chairs have a very unique, modern design. They are suitable for home, office, a coffee place, even for a classroom. With their natural forms they recreate nature’s genius thought into comfort and style. The chairs are available in different colors – white, black and beige.

Elegant plywood chairs by Bihain


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