Lee Broom’s dazzling furniture


Lee Broom’s upholstery debut will present his 5th collection on The London Design Festival which will be held during 20th – 25th of September 2011.

Lee Broom’s dazzling furniture collection is entitled “Salon” and is absolutely fascinating with its unique curves and edgy vintage look. All of his amazing 6 pieces will be released at the festival but until then we can take a glimpse of some of his amazing furniture, especially the Salon Arm Chair and the Foot stool which are an absolute work of art.

“Salon” – Lee Broom’s dazzling furniture


Lee Broom’s dazzling furniture collection is inspired by the 1930s upholstery and is combined with modern stud detailing, which is no longer used to hide the elements of the manufacturing process. Today, studs are used more as design elements, making the furniture more beautiful and glamorous. Broom, of course, uses them in such a special way, that somehow he manages to make his furniture more unique and chic than ever before. Lately, studs have been appearing a lot in shoes and clothes but they are brought back in furniture again by no other but Lee Broom. Inspired by the modern fashion designers like Givenchy and Louboutin, Lee Broom uses the studs to enhance his new “Salon” style. Imagination is endless.

Lee Broom’s dazzling furniture designs


The results are fabulous. Lee Broom lifts the concepts of comfort and eye pleasure of furniture to a whole new level. Punk rock couture mixed with fashion and luxury is undoubtedly a marvelous combination. Before all of the six pieces are released, during The London Design Festival, you can take a look at this 1930s classic Armchair. It is truly a magnificent piece. Royally modern – as some might say. Take a look at those smooth curves and the amazing, luxurious, but also very intimate sitting. It definitely makes you want to see more of Lee Broom’s new collection. Doesn’t it?


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