Two for the price of One – Imaginative Space Saving Furniture Designs


Contemporary furniture designers are always looking for new ideas.  These might be based purely on style, functionality or ideally combine both of these considerations.  Shown here is a range of very clever and contemporary space saving furniture designs.  They vary from positively quirky to highly polished and sophisticated.  These pieces are ideal if you are looking to furnish a small area as they make more economical use of space than combining separate pieces of furniture.

A Novel Approach to Space Saving Furniture Designs


The idea of creating furniture or home accessories that have more than one function isn’t exactly new.  The most famous examples of dual purpose designs possibly date back to the American Shaker movement.  The Shakers were a religious group who followed a very simple lifestyle.  Out of their search for unadorned simplicity, came a range of clever and stylish furnishings that very often had more than one function.  For example, tables that became benches when tipped up and not needed for meal times, or maybe seats that concealed hidden storage chests.  The Shakers were highly inventive and have inspired many contemporary designers to follow their example.


Forgive the pun but two of the more novel examples of space saving furniture designs shown here are actually stylish seats that incorporate bookcases.  One is simple and minimalist the other is more of an elegant recliner and designed to fit the curves of the body in a relaxed reading position.

Select Space Saving Furniture Designs for Originality and Versatility.


Another unusual seat is featured, but this time it becomes a planter, ideal for use on the patio.  We have become used to the idea of architects creating living walls, but this time the designer has created a living chair.  How much fun is that?  Perfect for plant lovers, the living chair will change its appearance depending on what is planted around it.  Similar in concept but this time relating to lighting, how would it be if your table lamp doubled as an attractive flower vase?  You could change the appearance of the lamp as often as you add fresh flowers to the composition.

 Combination of lamp and vase by Roger Arquer for Bosa




The essence of good dual purpose objects is that they are not merely novelties but are genuinely useful and also good to look at.  If you are struggling to furnish a small area, these space saving furniture designs might provide some solutions to the problem.

by Jaz

Multifunctional coffee table with glas top


Multifunctional leather armchair


Multifunctional leather chair by Judson Beaumont


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